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TEW exit strategy

TEW exit strategy  

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  1. 1. Dealer’s choice:

    • Malta
    • Saint Kitts
    • Shady Eastern Europe scene/Besties with Putin
    • Indonesia
    • Seppuku
    • Hookers and blow Leaving las Vegas style

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I believe a lot of south east asia has pretty high taxes on imported liquor (I know Thailand did). So I feel like that's probably a deal breaker given your...uh...lifestyle.

On the plus side we met a guy who made his own rice wine infused with opium poppies, so yah know ying-yang.

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5 minutes ago, DEagle7 said:

I've looked into something similar in Costa Rica.  I'm sure the tax advantages aren't anywhere close but as far as a place to live it doesn't seem half-bad.

The Four Seasons in Nevis is beautiful. Have been there a couple times. 

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1 minute ago, pallidrone said:

Hmm - I was planning on buying some real estate across the US and in the Caymans so I would have choices throughout the year.

But spending only $400k for some real estate there maybe a better option.

I think I will need to visit there soon.

As I said, I have been there twice. The Four Seasons on Nevis is amazing. 

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2 hours ago, vikas83 said:

Nevis is my plan. There is a Four Seasons there. Buy a residence and get a passport for St. Kitts and Nevis. See you there. 

I’ve been to a suite at the Four Seasons Nevis once.* It is an absolutely beautiful property. The island of Nevis is great, as well. Very welcoming people. Great scenery. Short flight to the states. 




*On a tour when I was a twelve. (I wear polos from Costco.) My mom and I just walked in, she flashed her IATA card to the front desk (she’s a travel agent), and within minutes we had a front desk manager giving us a private tour of everything it had to offer. We were staying at some normal place on St. Kitts. I remember it fondly because one night we went to one of the restaurants but nobody was there except for the staff that just got off duty. They were super cool and I got to play a few rounds of pool with them. The greatest thirty seconds of my prepubescent life were when I looked up and noticed they were projecting porn on a big screen. I’m still pissed at my mom for asking them to turn it off. 

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