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Dave Toub (Chiefs Asst HC/ST Coordinator) -- STAYING IN KANSAS CITY

Macho Grande

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Longtime coordinator who has paid his dues and learned from some of the best.  Players and coaches love him, and he always ends up being talked about as one of the most respected guys in the building wherever he goes.    He has the connections and relationships around the league to be able to surround himself with a good coaching staff.   I see him as the type of guy who would realize his limitations and let the coordinators do their jobs instead of getting in the way and insisting on taking play-calling duties.   

Andy has been saying for years that Toub should be coaching his own team in the NFL.  His name is in the HC carousel every year,  but he must suck at interviews,  because he always gets passed over for one of the flavor-of-the-month coordinators or college coaches.  I hope Howie is smart enough to at least bring him in for a look.  

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