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Overall, I am not opposed to this interest. Would day commit to Wentz or does he want Fields?

I think this one is a little different than Lincoln Riley situation. Justin Fields will probably be the best QB Day will get at Ohio State. They will continue to dominate Big 10 but I think this will be Day's best opportunity to get a HC job. A lot of these players were recruited by Urban Myer, so I am curious if Day can have just as much success as the Myer era gets further and further away.

At the same time, Ohio State is one of the best jobs in college football. So if the NFL doesn't work it will be hard to get a job like that again but he will be a highly sought after coach. If I'm Day, I make the jump now.



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Met him once. Honestly the most arrogant coach I've ever met at any level. Dude was definitely on the rag that day. 

From what I've heard since, he's likeable, so maybe just having a bad day? 

All I know is, that glorious day he was miserable. Everyone kept their distance. 🤣

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