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Insurrection or a Bad Day for Trump Supporters

Was the attack on the Capitol an attempt to overturn the election?  

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  1. 1. Was the attack on the Capitol an attempt to overturn the election?

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Yes. Even a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch. It was a planned coup to interrupt the Electoral Vote count. I think there were a lot of small cells participating with different goals: Some groups pushed the line forward to break through the security lines to get as many people into the Capitol. Some had intentions of kidnapping Congressmen and holding tribunals on the front lawn... I don't think they even knew what everyone's ultimate plans were. It was planned chaos. Not everyone who attended Trump's speech had intentions to participate in insurrection. But they were unwillingly part of the plan, and some even got swept up into it.

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Luckily, in choosing Trump for their God, these morons have shown us exactly how organized they are. They have a military guy reading Clancy planting real bombs for misdirection, while juvenile delinquents break into the Capitol and despite help from inside and a free pass from most of the police, they only manage to embarrass themselves by posting it all on their Instragrams and crowing outside that they won something.

Glad the planning was done by Trump and Ali Alexander.

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11 minutes ago, Kz! said:

Yes, all those unarmed people present in the building almost overthrew the entire US govt. Years from now, children will learn that this guy nearly became the leader of the free world:

US Capitol: Q-Anon, Confederate flag man, and Baked Alaska - here are the  people who stormed the building | World News | Sky News


What are the odds that all those Trump supporters at the Capitol were unarmed?

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