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This is a simple breakdown of what I think will happen this offseason with projected hires for each coach and position coach as well. This is also going by reports that are out there of what may happen.

Coaching Staff-

HC- Josh McDaniels

OC/Asst Head Coach- Duce Staley

DC- Teryl Austin

ST- Dave Fipp

QB- Ben McAdoo RB- Duce Staley WR-Aaron Moorehead TE- Justin Peele OL-Doug Marrone DL- Anthony Weaver LB- Vinnie Sunseri DB-Kris Richard

Not Coming Back in 2021 not including trades-

QB Nate Sudfeld, RB Jason Huntley, WR Alshon Jeffery, WR DeSean Jackson, WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside,  OL Jason Peters, OL Matt Pryor, OL Brett Toth, DE Vinny Curry, DT Malik Jackson, CB Nickell Robey-Coleman, S Rudy Ford  (save $50 mill in cap space)


QB Carson Wentz, OG Brandon Brooks,  OT Lane Johnson, DT Fletcher Cox, K Jake Elliott, S Rodney McLeod (Cut then resigned)(save $45 mill in cap space),


I might get heat for this but like I said this is what direction I feel the organization is going in, not on what I hope will happen, more of what will actually happen.

QB Jalen Hurts traded to PIT for 2021 1st Round pick-  Howie flips Hurts while his value is high. I think its evident that Doug likely pushed for the Hurts pick as more comes out about his and Wentz's relationship. This may be a sellers remorse type of trade or it could be a Sam Bradford type of value trade. It's evident the organization is in favor of Wentz being the guy long term, just surrounding him with the correct people is vital.

TE Zach Ertz traded to TEN for 2021 5th round pick- Ertz's trade value is low right now. If he wouldve had a good season you may of been able to get a 3rd for him, but Tennessee is looking to take the next step with their offense, and Ertz may provide them with a spark.


S Jalen Mills 2 years 8 Mill, LB Alex Singleton 3 years 10 Mill, LB Duke Riley 2 years 3 mill, TE Richard Rodgers 1 year 1 mill, RB Jordan Howard 1 year 1 mill

Free Agents- QB CJ Beathard (2 years 2 mill), DT Davon Godchaux 1 year 2 mill



Round 1- Ja'Marr Chase WR LSU- Wish we could get Smith but have a real good feeling he is going to go to Miami at 3 to reunite with Tua. Chase took off a year, but honestly could wind up being the better of the two. He is more physically gifted, and has true #1 receiver measurables. Chase comes in as WR 1 right off the bat to give to Wentz.

Round 1 (from PIT)- Jaycee Horn CB South Carolina-Horn could potentially go higher than this, but we shall see what happens come draft day. Corner is an obvious need here and putting Horn on the other side of Slay, who excelled in Austin's defense the most in DET, could immediately make our defensive backfield a very good one.

Round 2- Creed Humphrey OL Oklahoma- With the possibility of Jason Kelce retiring even this offseason, a replacement plan is going to be needed soon. Even if Seumalo moves to Center, then that leave a hole at LG. Humphrey is flexible to play both positions also and could be a C or G.

Round 3- Asante Samuel Jr. CB Florida State- Samuel Jr has dropped a bit because of his size concerns and that he may be more regarded as being a slot only type of corner. With that said, the Eagles need a guy to hold down the slot. Samuel could come in right away and start in the slot and leave Maddox to be used more as a 3rd safety and backup in the defensive backfield.

Round 5- Aidan Hutchinson DE Michigan- Hutchinson could be a potential steal here honestly. He could learn under fellow Michigan alum Brandon Graham for  a couple years and become something. Hutchinson at the least provides more depth along the defensive line.

Round 5 (From DAL)- Brenton Cox Jr LB Florida- In Teryl Austin's system, he uses more of a hybrid, Cox could prove to be a guy used in running down situation when he would have 3 LBs in the game potentially. 

Round 5 (from TEN)- Reed Blankenship S Midd Tenn St- Building more on building better depth in the defensive backfield. Blankenship could be a huge contributor on special teams to start out, then potentially provide depth as a safety when we move on from McLeod and potentially Mills as well.

Round 6- Jeremy Ruckert TE Ohio State- Ruckert is your prototypical TE with the size, hands, and blocking ability. He is a nice possesion TE that could be a nice second option to Dallas Goedert potentially.

Round 6 (comp)- Haskell Garrett DT Ohio State-  With Malik Jackson gone, depth behind Cox and Hargrave will be crucial. Garrett could be a nice add in right away along with T.Y. McGill as the depth behind Cox and Hargrave.

Round 6 (comp)- Feleipe Franks QB Arkansas- Franks is another arm to have on the roster and has a good arm. Could be the next Nate Sudfeld and ride being a 3rd QB for a while in his career. 

Round 7- Cole Van Lauren OL Wisconsin- Known for producing good offensive lineman, Van Lauren could be a practice squad guy that cracks the 53 with injuries.

Round 7 (comp)- LaQuan Johnson EDGE Central Michigan- Johnson is another EDGE guy that has potential to be a nice fit in this system.



QBWentz, Beathard, Franks

RB- Sanders, Howard, Scott, Holyfield

WR- Chase, Fulgham, Reagor, Ward, Hightower, Watkins

TE- Goedert, Rodgers, Ruckert

LT- Mailata, Dillard

LG- Seumalo, Herbig

C- Kelce, Humphrey

RG- Brooks, Driscoll

RT- Johnson, Driscoll


LE- Graham, Sweat

DT- Cox, Godchaux

DT- Hargrave, McGill

RE- Barnett, Avery, Hutchinson

LB- SIngleton, Riley, Taylor

LB- Edwards, Bradley, Cox

CB- Slay, Seymour

CB- Horn, James

NB- Samuel Jr, Maddox

FS- McLeod, Blankenship

SS- Mills, Wallace

3rd S- Maddox, Epps

K- Elliott

P- Johnston

LS- Lovato

Practice Squad

OL Van Lauren

OL Juriga

TE Jackson

WR Burnett

CB Jacquet

WR Tate


This draft overall solidifies the future of the offensive line, sures up the defensive backfield and sures up depth at LB as well. The WR core is now loaded with talent, Fulgham could reemerge as Wentz's #1, or he coud fall off the face of the earht completely. Chase is a sure talent, Reagor is a better slot and can be used for punt returns as well.

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Couple things. It’s John Dorsey, not Ken. I also think that’s high for Creed and low for Asante. No way he’ll be sitting there in the 3rd. If you reverse those two I think that’s more realistic. 

If they can flip Hurts for a first you absolutely do it. Even with the down year, I think Wentz has more value than Hurts still.

I do love a day 1/2 CB tandem though!  I want to see our next Lito/Sheldon combo this year. 

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If we could draft moses lb alabama in the second, then an offensive lineman in the fifth, I would feel most comfortable. And sign an offensive lineman.

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Love the draft, just don’t think a lot of prospects will be available where you have them going though and I can’t see any team out there giving up a 1st for Hurts. A 2nd is even a stretch. Now a 3rd sounds more realistic.

Horn will probably be a top 20 pick, Samuel has a chance to sneak into the first (size is the question here), Humphrey is going in that late first, early second round range IMO.

If you want to go corner in the 3rd, here are a few suggestions; Rodarius Williams, Josh Jobe, Greg Newsome but Asante Jr. won’t be there.

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I like your thought process and I like your draft but... A first for Hurts, a fifth for Ertz? I can't see that bud. I can't see Pittsburgh trading for Hurts, he doesn't seem like a fit for their offense and what they have done for the last few years? As Big Ben has gotten older he's been getting rid of the ball quicker. That's not to say that they couldn't change their scheme but I can't see them giving up a first to get him.

I agree with Ray, I don't think Samuel is going to fall to the third round. He likely goes in the second, possibly even the first half of the second round.

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Love the post - new names and new thinking. 

Someone already told you it's John Dorsey so here's a few other things to incorporate into your thinking. 

RESTRUCTURES - I think you hit the restructures on the nose - we absolutely need them to get in under the ca[ and be able to sign our draft choices. The Wentz one will be interesting - if he doesn't want to stay he won't do it. 

TRADES - I don't think we get a #1 for Hurts - I agree the Steelers will likely be in the market, but I'd suspect a #! is too high and would expect more like a 2 and a 4. I also think we get a bit more for Ertz - a 4 at worse and a 3 at best. 

RESIGN - I wouldn't bring Mills or Riley back. They are both on the down side of marginal. 

DRAFT - If my thinking is right about the potential Hurts trade then we'll have a 1 and 2-2's. I love the Chase pick and getting a corner with our second pick. I'm partial to bigger corners who run sub 4.5 so I agree with my pal Ray and say that pick should be Rodarius Williams at 6'0" 4.48. If Creed is there, grab him, if not, I'd be looking for a DE since Curry is a free agent and Sweat was hurt at the end of the year. 

I really don't like smaller corners so I'm not in love with the Samuel pick - sorry.  We still need a DE so my 3rd round pick would be Patrick Jones out of Pitt at 6'5" 260 4.77

Again, based on my own version of Ertz value, we get a 4th not a 5th and my version of the Hurts trade also has us adding a 4th. So - I'd bump the safety pick up to here and look for Donovan Stiner form Florida and I'd fill that other need at corner with Ambry Thomas from Michigan. He fits my preferred height/speed combo at 6'0" 4.49

That would leave us with 2 5th round picks. you hit it on the head with a linebacker and if we don't bring Riley back (again my preference, not yours) we need 2 of them. So - Shaka Toney from Penn State if my pick here. He is the fastest LB on the board and has good size at 6'3" 236. 

I think we'll only get 2 comp picks and to be conservative I'd call it one in the 6th and one in the 7th  - so that's 2 6ths and 2 7ths. That being said, I like the QB and DT ideas. I'd also consider a TE as one of those 4 picks. 

Thanks again - loved the read, please bring more to the board between now and the draft. 




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