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Senseless things Biden says or does.......Nothing personal Pal!!

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Ok.  The evil orange man is gone.  Time to heal as a country.  And while we do, let's use this thread as a place to unite.  Unite behind the senseless things Biden has said.....or done.....COME ON MAN!


This is my first entry and probably my favorite thus far......keep feeding us Joe....Keep feeding us material.  



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9 minutes ago, jsdarkstar said:

Well at least Joe doesn't drink coveve in the morning or inject bleach into his veins to cure the Covid virus. 

Or sun gaze, or grab em by the poosay

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19 hours ago, Toty said:

Please leave him alone

We REALLY need him to stay in office so the unthinkable succession doesn't occur



Don’t worry. The military is currently mobilizing to arrest Biden, Harris, and Pelosi. Trump is still your rightful president.

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