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Mike Lombardi is now directing his hot takes at Nick Sirianni

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Mike Lombardi is now directing his hot takes at Nick Sirianni
By Rueben Frank

Mike Lombardi is at it again.

Lombardi, who famously said Doug Pederson "might be less qualified to coach a team than anyone I've ever seen" on his Ringer podcast just before the 2017 season, now has Nick Sirianni in his sights.

Of course, Pederson led the Eagles to the Super Bowl Championship five months after Lombardi's comments and Lombardi — the Eagles' director of pro personnel in 1998 — sheepishly apologized several times for ripping Pederson.

Lombardi even had the nerve to offer to co-write a book with Pederson after the Super Bowl. Pederson said no.

And Jason Kelce, in his legendary Super Bowl parade speech on the Art Museum steps, called Lombardi a clown.

None of it deterred Lombardi.

On Friday, he blasted Sirianni, who is replacing Pederson as the Eagles' head coach.

In his weekly spot with Glenn Ordway, Lou Merloni and Christian Fauria on Boston radio station WEEI, Lombardi said the Eagles made a mistake hiring Sirianni over Josh McDaniels, who Lombardi worked with in New England from 2014 through 2016.

"There's no way Josh McDaniels is in a room and Nick Sirianni's in the same room and they're talking football and you're going to pick Nick over Josh," Lombardi said. "There's just no way. There's no way. It's not even close. Because I know Josh so well that his level is far exceeding most people."

Lombardi didn't say whether he'd ever met Sirianni, but the two have never worked with the same organization.

Sirianni, the Colts' offensive coordinator the last three years, and McDaniels, the Patriots' offensive coordinator most of the last two decades, were among 10 candidates the Eagles interviewed to replace Pederson.

Audio of Lombardi's interview was posted on Radio.com.

"I think it's the Eagles' mistake," Lombardi said. "I mean, they hired a guy, never called plays. Never called plays. ... The Eagles are truly like a nostalgic tour band. They want to go and they want to hire somebody who has reached that 17th season and they can't get Frank Reich, so they'll take a coach who's been with Frank Reich. I mean, I think this is going to be a hard event."

How much credibility does Lombardi have left?

Asked who he thinks the Texans should hire for the one remaining NFL head coaching opening, he said:

"I'd hire Marvin Lewis."

Who by the way won as many playoff games in 16 years with the Bengals as Sirianni has won with the Eagles.


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