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Wentz to Colts for Rock Ya Sin cb. 4th rd '21. And 2nd rd '22

Ertz to GB for 4th rd '22

Release Jeffrey, DJackson , M Jackson,and Goodwin

Re-negotiate contracts of Cox, McLeod,Johnson,Brooks and,Barnett to make room to sign: 

TY Hilton WR Colts 

Tyrod Taylor QB Chargers 


Ward ,Scott, Singleton,Johnston


1-Kyle Pitts TE Fla

2-Dylan Moses LB Ala

3-Josh Myers C Ohio St

4-Tariq Thompson S SD State

5-Rachad Wildgoose CB Wisconsin

5-Mustafa Johnson DT Colorado

6-Larry Rountree Rb Missouri

6-Tommy Kramer G ND 

7-Zach Davidson TE Central Missouri


QB Hurts/Taylor

WR Hilton/Reagor/Hightower/Watkins

SlotWR Ward/ JJAW

RB Sanders/Scott/Rountree(R)/Huntley

TE Goedert/Pitts(R)/Davidson(R)

LT Mailata/Dillard

LG Seumalo/Herbig

C Kelce / Myers(R)

RG Brooks/Kreamer(R)

RT Johnson/Driscoll

ST Elliott/Johnston/Lovato

RDE Barnett/ Avery /Ostman

RDT Hargrave/ McGill/ Johnson(R)

LDT Cox / Williams

LDE Graham/ Sweat

ILB Moses(R)/ Edwards

OLB Singleton/Bradley/Taylor

SS Wallace/Thompson(R)

FS McLeod/Arnold/Riley

RCB Slay/ James

LCB Ya-Sin/Wildgoose(R)

SCB Maddox 





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Would prefer we kept Fulham. Even if it has to be over ward. Also not at all a fan of the value we get in return for wentz. I’d rather keep him than only get a 4th a 2nd and a cb. 

I like pitts a lot. Don’t think we need to draft two te. Especially with so many veteran free agents tied to the Eagles and siriani already. 

favorite pick is Probly Moses in the second. Gotta get some linebackers.

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All I can say is that it will be interesting to see whether the change in staff correlates to change of value in re:  LB & RB.

Don't see at first glance the need to draft 2 TE.

Center & Safety = good!

Think I'd prefer something other than DT with the second 5th.  Another corner perhaps?

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