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It's rebuild time


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With the terrible trade results for Wentz, the prospect of 2 1st round picks in 2022, and Hurts as the apparent starter it's time to declare a total rebuild. Beef up the draft class this year, let the kids take their lumps for a year, take the cap hits, and get back in the game in 2022.

So that means clean out some of our favorite veterans - actually a fire sale. Not quite tanking, but it will get us higher draft picks in 2022. I'm going to be very conservative with projected compensation here.

We got a paltry 3rd for Wentz and every GM knows we are in salary cap hell.

We all know Ertz is going  - let's hope for a 5th, Goedert starts with Rodgers and Butler backing him up

Layne Johnson for a 4 - for better or worse Dillard and Mailata start with Driscoll being the prime backup

Rodney McLeod for a 5 - Wallace and a rookie draft pick start with backups being another rookie along with Elijah Riley and Marcus Epps are backups. 

Derek Barnett for a 3 - we keep BG around for his leadership and Sweat moves in as a starter, A draft pick, Avery, Ostman and maybe one more year of Vinnie Curry round out that roster. 

So - the draft: We end up with a 1, 2, two 3's, 4, four 5's, a 6 and a comp 6, and a 7 and maybe a comp 7which we won't predict.

We need too much to keep the 6th pick and the first year of a rebuild isn't the time to draft a top-10 rookie QB and throw him to the wolves. Let the wolves eat Hurts this year and trade that #6 pick. It's worth 1600 points on the value chart - so a 1 and a 2 this year is a must and 1 one or a 2 depending on the slot of this years picks for next year.  

Now we have a 1, two 2's, two 3's 4, four 5's. a 6 and a comp 6, and a 7

1 - CB Caleb Farley, Virginia Tech - start opposite Slay, Maddox moves to the slot Leblanc could resign at the minimum and NRC moves on

2 - DE Carlos Basham, Wake Forrest - probably starts along with Sweat with BG rotating in

 2 - WR Rashod Bateman, Minnesota- the unsung/forgotten receiver this year, a starter over 6 feet with speed in the 4.4's

3 - S Caden Sterns, Texas.  

3 - C Creed Humphrey, Oklahoma - Kelce insurance and can play the other inside positions

4 - LB Jabril Cox LSU - Riley and Gerry both move on. Singleton and Edwards are starters. Cox battles Bradley for the 3rd starter.

5 - TE Matt Bushman BYU - a big fast TE who can play now

5 - LB / Edge - Shaka Toney, Penn State - can play LB or DE 

5 - CB Alonte Taylor, Tennessee - 6 feet and 4.5 flat, I;m tired of short CB's who run in the mid 4.5's

5 - RB Master Teague, Ohio State - Finally a big guy for 3rd a 2

6 - S Jaquan Brisker, Penn State - Penn State has a history of underrated cb's a safeties making significant contributions. 

6 - G Quinn Meinerz, Wisconsin Whitewater - a senior bowl standout and Stoudland's new project

7 - QB KJ Costello,  Mississippi State - we'll likely sign a vet to back up Hurts and we'll need a 3rd. Better draft him because UFA's won't see the Eagles as attractive in 2021

2021 will be a hot mess but it'll be a building block towards a much better 2022

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Very interesting mock, Rob. Not going in depth but you did trade a lot of players, man. Can see Barnett and Ertz being traded though.

I like the majority of the players you took. Can’t go wrong there.

Just nitpicking but can’t see Humphrey and Cox being available where you took them. About a round too late IMO. Plus Toney is best suited to play in a 3-4 if you  ask me.

Overall me like!

P.s. I don’t know about you but I’m exhausted reading and doing mocks myself. Done for now...

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Lane is still a top RT in the league.. id honestly be a little shocked if he only garnered a 4th

anyway this does feel like a major over reaction to your disappointment in the trade return but even in saying that, i like the players you picked even tho some i doubt would make it to the picks you selected them at

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