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Kyle Trask (Florida QB) -- DRAFTED BY TAMPA BAY #64

Captain F

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3 hours ago, What The F said:

6'5 240lbs. If we are going to pick up a QB, I believe Trask in the 3rd "maybe 2nd?" has the most value. Big, nice arm, good mechanics.  We are in it for the long haul and a QB at 6 makes no sense. 

Kyle Trask makes the most sense of any of the "big (and then a) number" that would be available.

Brian Johnson is the Eagles QB coach now.  Last year he was Kyle Trask's Offensive Coordinator and QB Coach.

Siri and Shane worked, collectively, with Philip Rivers for 11 out of their last 14 years (last 7 years, 2 people).  Kyle Trask is the most similar in size to Philip Rivers.

6'5 240.  All the QBs that each of them worked with over the last 7 years were the big guys,  Rivers, Andrew Luck,  Jacoby Brissett, Justin Herbert. 

It just makes sense, and the fact that he wouldn't cost the #6 pick, all the better.

I personally prefer the running QBs.  I prefer Jalen Hurts.  I like Greg Ward Jr,  Khalil Tate and Tyree Jackson, all on the roster.  All who could in theory at least be backup running QBs to Jalen Hurts.  I'd like to see the Eagles do that,  do something like that,  do something innovative with the run first offense with running QBs.  It's what I'd want to be watching.

But Kyle Trask makes the most sense.

Siri and Shane were not assigned to the Eagles.  The Eagles went and got them.  And Brian Johnson wasn't assigned either,  they intentionally went and got him too.  And these guys haven't been with the Eagles for years.  They're all new.    It  would make sense that they would have a plan.   And that plan would not be "we're going to wait and see what the media tells us to do, and then do that."    Hiring the guy who was the OC and QB coach for the guy that's very similar to the guy they worked most of the last 7 years with seems like what a plan would look like.  Drafting Trask at the end of the 1st, beginning of the 2nd, seems like what a plan would look like. 

Trask or not,  you'd think that the Eagles would be drafting Gators.  Again, makes sense, plan. 

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 Trask is a 2nd to 3rd round QB, yes he’s a big kid, but his arm is barely Nick Foles strong, and it’s why he isn’t considered a top 4 QB in this draft, his arm is considered to be slightly less than Mac Jones who has an average to an NFL adequate arm.  Trask isn’t mobile and had a pretty decent O Line in Florida, also having Kyle Pitts as a huge target and great hands also helped him.   To those who think arm strength doesn’t matter, Jones is a top 2 QB in this draft if he had Josh Allen’s arm. 

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