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Brevin Jordan (Miami TE) — DRAFTED BY HOUSTON #147

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All the talk around Pitts is definitely warranted...but not at #6 in my opinion. We have a #1 TE in Goedert who is well rounded. Pitts is a different monster and will be a productive player but if you look at the TEs drafted in the top 10 you would have to go back for decades to find one that was worth the draft pick. 

Now going to Brevin Jordan. Part of one of the best HS teams ever when he attended Bishop Gorman. Jordan is very athletic and is one of the best receiving TEs in this draft. I am not going to say he is Pitts but he is going to be a solid TE in the NFL as well. Jordan is versatile and can be lined up anywhere. I would much rather draft Jordan on the 2nd day than draft Pitts at #6. Jordan would be a perfect replacement for Zach Ertz. If the eagles can draft Chase or Smith at #6 and get Jordan in day 2...Hurts or next QB will have plenty of young talent around them.

Negatives that may drop him to the 3rd are his size. He is 6’3 and his blocking ability or lack there of.


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