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Howie goes full Madden - or maybe it's me


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This is another one of those scenarios where Howie determines younger and more are better. He makes more trades than he's ever done before.

We resign Singleton, Scott, Ward, Fulgham,  Ridgeway, Rudy Ford, and Richard Rodgers - all for the minimum. We make one free agent signing  and it's Fitz-magic. 

We do not even consider re-signing LeBlanc, Robey-Coleman, Curry, Riley, Gerry, Sudfeld, Clement, Mills, Peters, or Cameron Johnston.  

Than Howie goes to work - 

Ertz for a 5th

Barnett for a 2nd

Slay for a 2nd

Everyone expects Howie to trade up to grab a quarterback with all than ammunition, but he fools everyone. 

And then the big one - on draft day he trades the 6th pick to Las Vegas for Derek Carr, the Raiders 1st and 3rd, and CB Damon Arnette. (That's actually 2 #1's, a 2  which was Carr, and a 3)

But he hasn't shaken things up enough - he then trades Hurts to Pittsburgh for a 2nd and a 4th. 

We now have the 17th pick, 4 2's, 3 3's, a 4th, 3 5's, 2 6's and a 7th - enough to fill our holes and have a shot at being competitive.

With the 1st round pick it's WR Rashod Bateman. I'd hope he'd stay off the radar but he recently ran a sub 4.4. Nevertheless, with Waddle, Smith, and Chase all going earlier he should be there. 

It's day 2 that'll make or break the Eagles for the next several years. Order of business #1 is shoring up the defense so  - 

In the second round. CB Tyson Campbell, Georgia. I'm sick and tired of short slow corners and Campbell is 6'2" and runs 4.5 flat. Pencil him in to start opposite Arnette.  Next Howie fixes the DE depth with 2 picks - Carlos Basham and Jason Oweh. Basham is a beast and Oweh is a lighter fastball type at 253 and 4,73 and they'll share time with BG and Josh Sweat. Going a bit off-script, Howie then gets a real linebacker - Alabama's Dylan Moses. 

In round 3 Howie sticks to the defensive script AFTER he drafts C Creed Humphrey. Then he goes S  with Texas' Cade Stearns and finishes up fixing the cornerback position with Derion Kendrick from Clemson, another corner who is 6'0" and runs a 4.5 flat. 

With that 4th round pick it's Matt Bushman the TE from BYU. He's 6'5 and has the best speed of all the TE's including Pitts. 

With those 3 5th round picks it's depth, depth, and more depth. Another S, another LB, and a big running back are in order. That's Wiggens from Cincinnati(we're had good luck with third day Cincy players, Celek, Kelce, and Trent Cole), Shaka Toney the tweener form Penn State and Master Teague who at 225 takes over the short yardage duties. 

In the 6th it's more of the same - DT Mustafa Johnson 6'2", 290, and an eye popping 5.1 and QB KJ Costello. 

That 7th round pick is G Deonte Brown a 6'4" 338 pound guard form Alabama. 

What's the result? Offense first. With Carr we have a real proven NFL quarterback.  The offensive line is intact especially if Kelce returns. Bateman fills our wide receiver need. We have a solid running back room, and a top 10 tight end with RichRod and the rookie backing him up. On the other side of the ball. The DT's are still strong and ewe have a creditable DE rotation. With Singleton, and Moses there are actually 2 good linebackers. Edwards, Taylor and Bradley are the depth behind them. the secondary still has it's leader in  Rodney McLeod. K'Von Wallace, Cade Sterns, and Wiggens fight for the other starting position. At Corner, Arnette isn't what Slay was, but Tyson Campbell can't be as bad as the other corner was last year. Maddox moves back to the slot where he belongs and Kendricks will supply the depth. 

With all the young guys it's probably a 6 to 7 win team, but with far better prospects for the future than we have now. 



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Interesting mock. Lots of trades, not sure if we move all of these guys but I like the creativity with the Raiders trade.

Derion Kendrick actually got dismissed from Clemson for disciplinary issues after already saying he was going back to school for another year, so he's not really a candidate for the main 2021 draft (maybe the supplemental draft if he chooses to declare?).

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In what universe do you think Barnett or Slay nets a 2?  You do realize we gave Detroit a 3 for Slay and that was before an overpaid contract and a down year.  Very wishful thinking. 

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