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Kenny Golladay (Lions WR) -- SIGNED WITH N.Y. GIANTS

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Since word on the street is that Jeffrey Lurie listens to WIP to make football decisions for the team and they just put out an article about how the Eagles should kick the can down the road and do whatever it takes (letting Derek Barnett walk) to clear up the cap space to offer Kenny Golladay a contract.

(This thread was largely created as a joke, but also an opportunity to discuss the remote possibility of this happening, since you can't rule out anything with Howie)

He's 27 years old and has the ideal XWR build at 6'4 and 210 lbs. However he is coming off injury and has missed games in the past due to injury as well, which do give me pause in signing him despite his WR1 production with the Lions.

In my opinion, it is probably better to use the 6th overall pick on the best receiving prospect left from Chase/Smith/Waddle/Pitts from a cost control standpoint, but let's play devils advocate for the sake of this thread here. Thoughts?

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2 hours ago, PoconoDon said:

NFL.com is trying to push this idea. No thank you. Numbers nosediving, games missed due to injury increasing. I think Chase or Pitts at #6 is the better choice.

Yeah, I agree. Plus, he's probably going to end up with the Dolphins or Giants anyway. Dolphins have more $$ to spend, so I'd lean towards him going to Miami. It would make sense for them, freeing up the option to take Penei Sewell at 3 if he makes it past the Jets. The Giants could theoretically miss out on all three top WR by the time the Lions pick at 8 (Chase, Smith, Waddle), so they are probably hoping they can convince Golladay to pick them instead.

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Signed with Giants. Lock it up.

4 years / $72 million

We were never going to give a WR $18 million per year to begin with, but he could have been in play if his market was soft.

As others have mentioned above, he's injury prone and we've have very bad luck with those players in the past. Only downside here is that the Dolphins are more likely to draft JaMarr Chase now.

Personally I still like both Alabama WRs and Kyle Pitts as Eagles targets, so it's not the end of the world, but Chase would have been nice.

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