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March mock - no trades


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The Eagles barely cleared enough cap space to be compliant with the cap at the start of the league year so I don't think free agents are in the cards. We could possible get a pick for Ertz but the longer it goes, the longer it looks like he'll be here or released. This mock actually assumes he'll be here for the last year of his contract and will be traded to a playoff contender at the trade deadline. This whole post might be overcome by events in the next 2 1/2 hours with news about Ertz and Barnett - we'll see. 

1 - WR Jamar Chase, no sense going over the why, we all know we need a home run hitter

2 - CB Tyson Campbell, Georgia. I'm sick and tired of short slow corners. At 6'2" and 4.50 he breaks that trend and starts beside Slay

3 - DE Patrick Jones, Pitt. None of us are professional scouts, especially me. I look at H-W-S and ratings. He's 6'5" 260 4.77 which is good enough for me. 

3 - S Hamsah Nasirildeen, Florida State. Did I spell that right? Fills a big need with a big guy - 6'4" 212 4.59

5 - S Jamien Sherwood, Auburn. Mills is gone, McLeod is recovering from an ACL, ford is gone and we need to fill the roster. Figuring that Wallace is a starter on openning day, Sherwood will be the 1st backup. 

5 - CB Ambry Thomas, Michigan. He fits the H-W-S I like at 6'0" 182 and 4.49. NRC and LeBlanc are not going to be here so this fills another need. 

6 - LB Buddy Johnson, Texas A&M. AT 6'2" 230 4.71 he'll battle Edwards for a starters position. We'll need two since Gerry and Riley are free agents and hopefully Taylor and Bradley take big steps in their second year. 

6 - DT Khyris Tonga BYU. Makik Jackson's contract dictates he be released. We need to replace him. Tonga isn't the typical Eagle DT at 321 but he's the top rated guy at this point in the draft.

6 - RB Brendan Know, Marshall. We need a big back for short yardage. At 220 know can give up that punch.

7 - LB Anthony Hines, Texas A&M. OK 2 LB's from the Aggies, but it's a complete dice roll at this point in the draft so we take a guy who's 6'3" 30 4.70

7 - P Max Duffy, Kentucky. We would have had to take him with the other 7th round pick if it hadn't been getting this surprise pick back form the Rams for Marquise Goodwin. WE didn't resign Cameron Johnson and Duffy is the #1 rated punter in the country. 

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Totally love it! You hit it out of the ball park this time!

Although I might prefer someone like Grant over Campbell and Weaver over Jones, it’s only nitpicking. Awesome draft haul.👊🏻

I do believe Eagles take a QB and I definitely think they’ll address the OL at some point though...

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I really like this draft. Strong focus on the secondary, which is what this defense needs the most.

I would only hope that the new DC Jonathan Gannon has input on the defensive picks and push for these H/W/S prospects instead of the undersized guys we always get.

Great job!

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