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Final Mock


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Final mock before the draft and I've come to another outcome for the Eagles. I personally like the trade that Howie made and would've done it myself and even though I wanted either Pitts or Chase I understand a team in rebuild doesn't select a receiver in the 1st round or at least that's my opinion. The harsh reality is this team is and must be in a complete rebuild mode and the moves it makes must reflect a long term view and not the hot name, some moves must be done for the better good and some fan favorites might have to be dealt. This year it must be about quantity over quality the team next year can look to be selective and target specific gems. This year its just about fielding a team and evaluating it.


1. Fletcher Cox DT - The team is in a rebuild mode and any chance of competing won't be until 2022 and that's if Hurts turns out to be good. Fletcher has value right now for a team that has a real chance or at least believe they do win it all, and see him as key piece to getting over the hump. Vegas comes offering #48 & 121. Cap saving for 2021 1.9 million, but for 2022 23+ million.

Free Agency:

1. Gareon Conley CB - Former 1st round pick who is still young and talented he's been a victim of several different coaching schemes and yes injuries, but he's a low risk high reward type signing. I also have to hope that Howie learned from last year with the receivers and provides another veteran. Gareon has all the physical tools you look for in a corner and if he can come in knowing he is going to play second fiddle to Slay I think he can become a solid CB2. 1 year 4 million.



Miami gets their weapon at #6 and now they want to protect Tua and amazingly either Slater or Sewell fall to the Eagles spot and offer #18 & 36 for #12.  

1#18 Jaelan Phillips Edge - The defensive line will be a major question mark moving into 2022 with Sweat being unknown even now, and Graham just another year older. None strike fear in opposing OCs or require two blockers. Jaelan I view as a game changing threat coming off the edge that has exceptional speed, bend, athleticism and hand use with tremendous upside. A former five star recruit that was rated the top prospect that year, he's had an up and down career once retiring from the game due to injuries, but came back last year and showed undeniable ability. IMO he will start game one and eventually become a a dominate force both setting the edge and creating havoc in the backfield and finally get the right guy. He will be special IMO.


Eagles package #36, 121 and Derek Barnett to Buffalo for #30. With Phillips getting drafted and Barnett with a high cap hit and with a long list of injuries the Eagles get the cap flexibility they desperately need and Buffalo gets help for their defensive line. Win/Win

1#30 Christian Barmore DT - The rebuild of the defensive line continues and the Eagles land arguably the best DT in the draft. Christian at 6'5 and 310 lbs. still has room to grow, perfect long term replacement for Fletcher at the 3 technique and with great backfield penetration ability he will cause chaos. Displays a powerful punch and pursuit through even multiple blockers. Another former 4-star recruit he comes from the top program in the nation and he shined in the post season against top competition. The Eagles always put a premium on the lines and these first two picks for the front four to begin competing with other top lines like Washington's.  

2#37 Eric Stokes CB - The secondary has been nothing short of a nightmare for years now regardless of scheme and it too needs real attention. Eric looks like a stud in the making if he gets the right coaching and is utilized correctly, he's got all the physical attributes you look for in a corner tall, fast, fluid hips and good ball skills. He won't be forced to start with Slay and Conley holding down the outside, he can be mixed in when the opportunities present themselves all while learning scheme and speed of the NFL.  


The Jets have someone they're targeting and offer #66, #86 & #154 for #48 

2#53. Creed Humphrey IOL - The interior of the line is getting up there in age and in Brooks case injured every year and the depth the Eagles showcased last year was mediocre at best and that was an achieved with superior coaching from Stoutland. Creed is a freak of nature and has massively impressive physical skills which on paper is better then anything we have now and by a long shot. Kelce's time is coming and its been amazing how he's avoided major injury, but that luck can't hold up forever and being unprepared for it is even worse. Last I'm not sold on Seumalo being the center of the future he's got little experience and is average right now at LG. Also with Hurts already being familiar with him from Oklahoma is positive as well. 

3.#66 Trey Smith IOL - The Eagles must invest long term in the o-line and this pick continues that focus on that and I believe the guard position can be upgraded as well. Improving the o-line now increases the overall success of the entire offense and Eagles fans have gotten used to having a strong line enforcing their will on defenses. Trey is and absolute beast and will dominate once he is ready to see the field. With this pick now 4/5 of line has a young talented future. 

3#70 Dylan Moses ILB - Team leader for the Tide and a key member of their championship run. Another former high national recruit who brings excellent instincts and read and react skills, something the Eagles have been missing since Hicks left. Like Stokes he gets to sit and learn NFL speed from a solid veteran just signed by the Eagles in Eric Wilson and will be mixed in with the starters here and there.


Eagles package #84, and Zach Ertz for the Chargers #73. Zach clearly allowed money to effect his game last year and I'm afraid he will still believed he's owed more, and I don't want any of the young guys around to be influenced by this attitude. Thanks for the good times but its a rebuild and he will provide his new team a huge upgrade at the position. 4.9 million cap savings 

3#73 D'Wayne Eskridge WR - Explosive threat with joystick type moves he instantly comes in and upgrades the slot position with true vertical deep threat skills. If he gets the ball in space watch out he will absolutely destroy coverage with his moves. Ward has been ok but poses zero real threat from the slot. D'Wayne will draw attention and can dictate coverage with his threat to take it to the house and must be respected with Reagor on the outside also with homerun potential. He also bring a new dimension to the return game which the Eagles haven't really had in quite some time.

3#86 Nico Collins WR - At 6'4 215lbs he fits the bill at XWR and brings a true physical presence to position that the Eagles haven't seen since T.O. who he reminds me a lot of. Nico is an aggressive receiver who uses his height and size to his benefit and will fight for the ball and make a corner pay for not being able to match up to him. Having run a sub 4.5 with his size just shows how dangerous he can be on the outside He intimidates those he lines up against and is so strong he will just have guys bouncing off him. His stock would be higher but he chose to opt out for the season.

4.#123 Marco Wilson CB - Another tall rangy corner that has experience at both slot and outside. Marco has top notch speed and athletic ability he brings much needed depth. His stock took a hit for opting out and being remembered for a stupid personal foul that cost his team a win. Physical corner with very good closing speed and at his time at Florida he was used as a blitzer

5.#150 Rhamondre Stevenson RB - Huge back that can't be brought down by simple arm tackles and is a force to stop once he gets going. The Eagles signed Howard to be that guy and I'm just not convinced he has it anymore. Rhamondre will be crucial in clock management, short yardage, and goal situations. 

5.#154 Tre' McKitty TE - A complete tight-end that is good at receiving and blocking. Tre will never be a vertical threat but he will be a reliable move the sticks type, great for a TE2. 

6.#189 Joshua Kaindoh Edge - Reminds me a lot of Sweat and just like him injuries have derailed his career. Provides more depth.

6.#224 Bobby Brown III IDL - Bobby has the tools to make it in the NFL but he takes off plays and will need a bit of motivation. Also needed depth.

6.#225 JaCoby Stevens S - A hybrid linebacker/safety with good size, range and instincts. JaCoby will be deadly on special teams bringing his physicality and tackling.

7.#234 K.J. Costello QB - Eagles need a 3rd string option and long term development project.

7.#240 Noah Gray TE - Noah brings a versatile option to the offense with more a H-back role moving him all over the place from inline, slot to fullback. 

Notable UDFA: Max Duffey P,  Master Teague RB, Adrian Ealy OL, Shawn Davis DB

Depth Chart:

QB - Hurts, Flacco, Costello

RB - Sanders, Stevenson, Teague, Scott

TE - Goedert, McKitty, Gray

WR - Fulgham, Reagor, Collins, Watkins

Slot - Eskridge, Ward

LT - Mailata, Dilliard

LG - Seumalo, Smith

OC - Kelce, Humphrey

RG - Brooks, Herbig

RT - Johnson, Driscoll

LE - Graham, Sweat

DT - Hargrave, Barmore, Ridgeway, Brown III

RE - Phillips, Kaindoh

WLB - SIngleton, Taylor

MLB - Wilson, Moses, Edwards

SLB - Avery, Bradley

CB/Nickel - Slay, Conley, Stokes, Wilson, Maddox, Graig

FS - Mcleod, Wallace, Epps

SS - Harris, Stevens, Adams

PR - Eskridge

KR - Scott

PK - Elliott 

P - Duffey


Offense - The new scheme from what I've read about will have a run/pass ratio closer to 50/50 far different then what we've come to know over the years. To achieve this the o-line especially inside must get much  younger and more talented, and though Humphrey and Smith may not start immediately they do set the future of interior nicely for years. The running game will rely on Sanders to be the work horse and he is an explosive option, his main issues are just staying healthy and being on the field. Stevenson and Scott will provide multiple options to spell Sanders. Receivers/TE's offer the versatility to scheme to their opposition, hopefully no more 12 formation just because we have two good TE's that becomes stale and predictable.

Defense - Gannon will be using more of a cover 2 and zone, this will put a greater focus on linebackers and their coverage ability and tackling. The defensive line must be able to set the edge and generate decent pressure but now won't be made to do it alone, I see more blitzes to mix it up. Linebackers will have the youth and talent to in time start to hold their own with Moses to be the captain in the near future. The secondary will now have corners playing off in zone more with safety help over the top and linebackers underneath, tackling and the ability to read and react quickly will now be a focus. 

Special Teams - This unit probably gets the greatest upgrade across the board from returner to gunner, coverage should also in time improve. With Eskridge the return team gets a massive boost with take it to the house ability. Punter will be a question but I think they figure it out. Elliott is decent but can be upgraded hopefully next year if he doesn't become more reliable scoring points when they are there.  

Now I understand there will complaints about the amount of picks in this mock, I counter well look at the amount of holes this team has right now and the age of it high priced starters currently. If this is a rebuild then the moves makes sense is Cox really got a chance for another ring within the next 4 years? We can all agree Ertz is most likely gone and Barnett is a disappointment and can be upgraded. This team next offseason will be in even worse shape talent wise if they don't have home grown talent to replace guys like Graham, Slay, Brooks, Kelce, Johnson, and Mcleod will be gone or we be the following year.

If Hurts works out even in this offseason mock the team will still have huge holes to address next year(RT, RG, DE, S, CB) and will need every pick. This is year 1 of a 3 year rebuild and the foundation will be set these next two years. The Eagles with them moving on from Cox, Ertz, and Barnett will give the team much need cap space with rollovers. Howie will have to figure out Goedert's value along with Sweat, Sanders, and Singleton and my guess is they won't be cheap. I doubt there will be any restructures next year and free agency should be tempered like this year as well. If all goes right 2023 is the year for big deals to put the team over the top. But again this all falls on Hurts becoming a good QB and the coaching staff doing their job.

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Now this is the misery I'm used too. Online and Dline no matter what the strength of the draft is at the time.

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24 minutes ago, Right4thePicking said:

Now this is the misery I'm used too. Online and Dline no matter what the strength of the draft is at the time.

Lol, ok you get the award for first responder I guess

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Thanks Slade - good read. I like the thinking and it would be a haul that combined with the 2022 draft would set us up well for the future. 

You are absolutely right about the number of holes. 

I could argue with the specific players, but not the concept. 

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