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Final Mock 4.0 - Rock, Paper, Scissors

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  • Tennessee Trades #53 and #85 for #37 and 2022 6th Round Pick
  • Broncos Trade #114 and 2022 7th Round Pick for #123, #189, #240
  • Panthers Trade #73 for #85 and 2022 3rd Round Pick



Pick 12 Overall (Round 1): Devonta Smith - WR

There is too much overthinking going on or it is a lot of smoke. If Devonta Smith is at #12 you take him no questions asked. Heisman winner and dominated the SEC for the last two years. Beat every top corner and secondary he went against. In the toughest conference, he held up and has a lot of upside in the NFL if used correctly. best player available at 12 regardless of need.

Pick 53 Overall (Round 2): Tyson Campbell - CB

Hard not to like Tyson Campbell. Has the size, athleticism and smarts to play the position. He is physical and can play press man for the Eagles. Needs to refine his technique slightly but that is why NFL coaches make the money they do, FOR DEVELOPMENT! Has a ton of upside and can come in day 1 as starter opposite to Slay. Will have his growing pains but will be a good corner in this league.

Pick 70 Overall (Round 3): Jevon Holland - DB

Eagles have lacked playmakers in the secondary ever since Asante Samuel left. Jevon Holland is a ball hawk. He has a knack of being around the ball. Can play both safety and nickel corner (just incase there is injury). Would be great to have him play as a two deep safety where he can read and react. Versatility is always valuable. 

Pick 73 Overall (Round 3): Andre Cisco - S

Andre Cisco if healthy would be in the conversation for round 1 consideration IMO. But he is coming off an ACL injury and that is a pretty big risk for NFL teams. This is where risk and value meet. Rodney McLeod is coming off ACL injury and is 30 years old. McLeod would be the perfect mentor for Cisco. Will grow into a ball hawking safety for this defense.

Pick 84 Overall (Round 3): Paulson Adebo - CB

Adebo is one of the sleepers in this draft. Had his fair amount of struggles at Stanford after his great redshirt freshman season. Due to the deep class, there is a strong possibility that Adebo will fall. Lengthy corner that has the athleticism to play in this defense for Gannon. With Slay getting old and not much depth on the outside, Adebo would be a homerun if still on the board at this point. Has all of the tools to be a good corner in this league. If the coaches can develop him correctly, him and Campbell would be a nasty duo on the outside for years to come.

Pick 114 Overall (Round 4): Rhamondre Stevenson - RB

Eagles have a huge need for a real compliment to Miles Sanders. Plus with Miles Sanders injury history it is important to have someone that can shoulder the load in his absence. Stevenson has some character concerns that will drop him in the draft but he will be a true steal for any team the drafts him. 

Pick 150 Overall (Round 5): Trevon Grimes - WR

This pick is all about potential. Grimes was a highly recruited WR out of HS with all the tools to be a great WR. For whatever reason, he has struggled to put it together consistently. This last season with Florida he should flashes that his best football is still yet to come. With Brian Johnson as the OC for Florida now moving to the Eagles, I am positive he know that there is a lot of potential for Grimes. Can come in and compete with Fulgham.

Pick 224 Overall (Round 6): Brenden Jaimes - OL

Versatile lineman that can play tackle and guard. has good size but need to work on his technique. Eagles have one of the best O-line coaches in football and have consistently gotten the most out of late round lineman. Jaimes would be a solid selection here and can compete with Matt Pryor for a roster spot.

Pick 225 Overall (Round 6): Chauncey Golston - DE

Golston is a project DE with good size. Need to develop his technique and can immediate join the team to add depth.

Pick 234 Overall (Round 7): Zach Davidson - TE

Longshot to make the team but the Eagles need a TE. In case Ertz is traded after the draft. Dominated lower level competition and has great athleticism. Worth a shot.

Priority Free Agent Signing: K.J. Costello - QB

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I don't normally respond in this manner but I'll make an exception in this case.  WHERE'S THE BEEF!  6 of the first 7 picks are little guys.   No help for the OL or DL, no LB, a Div 2 TE.  An IOL prospect that MAY be competition for the 9th lineman out of nine.  Sorry, can't sign up.  

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16 hours ago, BuckroeEagle said:

I don't normally respond in this manner but I'll make an exception in this case.  WHERE'S THE BEEF!  6 of the first 7 picks are little guys.   No help for the OL or DL, no LB, a Div 2 TE.  An IOL prospect that MAY be competition for the 9th lineman out of nine.  Sorry, can't sign up.  

Fair criticism and I can take that. Slater is an option at 12 but I went Smith.

Lol as for DL are you expecting they select a starter? Dline starters are set.

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Our DL is in good shape if nobody gets hurt.  Cox goes down for 3 weeks and we're done.  Need to draft a solid DL who can enter the rotation as #3 or #4 and play more in an emergency.  We don't have Vinny Curry who could drop down to DT for a couple rotations.  Do you trust McGill as our 3rd DT?  I believe in an old Andy saying; "If our big guys are better than your big guys, everything will be okay".

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