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Final Mock w/o Trades

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Good morning all. This mock has no trades, even though I am sure that trades will happen. Just impossible to predict. Ertz could certainly be involved, but where is pretty tough to guess. Also think there will be some trading to give a bit more for 2022. I can certainly see move up to 8 or 9, a move down to 14 or 15, move up to end of rd1, and so on. So, will just pick as they fall now, and see what happens this weekend. Only vet need to resign is D-Rod at TE

First 2 picks I still am waffling on, but it almost HAS to be either wr/cb or cb/wr. I ended up with cb/wr.

Rd1 #12. Jaycee Horn. CB South Carolina. Obvious need and talent

Rd2 #37. Terrace Marshall WR LSU. Again, need and talent. Becomes our X receiver. 

Rd3 #70. Paulson Adebo CB Stanford. Desperately short on quality corners. Injury security and takes over for Slay in 2023.

Rd3 #84. Dylan Moses LB Alabama. Will be 2 down MLB this year. Pushes Edwards to backup and ST's.

Rd4 #123. Sedarius Hutcherson OG South Carolina. Road grader at OG. Has played at both LG and RG, so versatile. Needs to work on hand position on pass pro, but Stout will fix that.

Rd5 #150. Kary Vincent, Jr. Slot corner LSU. Backup for Maddox this year. Again, need to restock the CB room.

Rd6 #189. Jordan Smith DE UAB. Developmental DE. Will be 4th or 5th DE on roster while building size and strength for 2022.

Rd6 #224. James Wiggins Safety Cincinnati. Depth to safety room and core ST.

Rd6 #225. Cade Johnson Slot wr S Dakota St. Quick and tough. Ideal slot guy

Rd7 #234. Pro Wells TE TCU. Becomes our #3 TE

Rd7 #240. Feleipe Franks QB Arkansas. We will also sign an UDFA at QB. They will battle. Winner is 3rd QB, loser is PS.


With Jordan resigning, I passed on drafting a RB, but we will bring in 1 or 2 UDFA rb's to compete.

UDFA list---OT, RB(2), LB(2), QB, DT(2), CB, WR


Looking forward to an interesting weekend.



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