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Eagles Get a LB


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Eagles Get a LB

Posted: April 25th, 2020 | Author: Tommy Lawlor | Filed under: Philadelphia Eagles | 28 Comments

Linebacker was one of the big needs going into the draft. The Eagles addressed that spot at pick 103.

Taylor is 6-0, 228. He ran 4.49 at the Combine, but looks even faster on tape. He shows explosive traits and has his share of wow moments on tape. He has great range. You see him make plays all over the field. He can chase down runners and receivers. His speed shows up on the field.

Taylor isn’t just a track star. He’s physical. He can hit. He will take on blockers. Taylor has some pop to his game. I really enjoyed watching him.

The only real question with Taylor is how developed he is. Due to religious beliefs, he basically didn’t play high school football (2 games). He spent two years at junior college before moving on to Colorado. Taylor got on the field right away and performed at a high level.

Taylor was able to play well in college with a limited background. Life in the NFL will be more challenging. He will likely be more of a STs player as a rookie, but I fully expect him to start at LB in the future. I think the Eagles can get him on the field this year in some specialty packages. The NFL is all about speed and the ability to play in space. Taylor is good in both areas.


Another display of tremendous closing speed, Taylor is a bullet in open space. To close 8+ yards on a simple cross dump and STILL prevent the first down blew my mind.

Embedded video

Davion Taylor reacts sharply, especially to designed outside plays.

•No wasted movement downhill on the read read
•takes away any leverage on the blocker to prevent a wash
•uses the right foot/arm to create space, firmly disengages, and gobbles the RB at the attack.

Embedded video

The Eagles defense needed more speed added to the middle of the defense. Taylor helps that in a big way. Nigel Bradham just couldn’t run all that well anymore.


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