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Sirianni earns rave review from former Eagles WR


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Sirianni earns rave review from former Eagles WR


It's fair to say Eagles fans were initially pretty underwhelmed by the Nick Sirianni hire. Coming off the Doug Pederson era and the bizarre 2020 season, nabbing an under-the-radar name to lead the team wasn't exactly the most exciting development.

But with each passing week and month, Sirianni keeps adding believers.

This time it's former Eagles wide receiver Jason Avant, who was invited by the Eagles to speak at the team's rookie camp last week.

Avant, who was a pro's pro during his time with the Eagles, admitted during a chat with fellow former Eagle Quintin Mikell that he wasn't sold on Sirianni at first, but his visit to the NovaCare facility has changed his tune.

Here's what Avant had to say, via Inside The Birds:

"I've been on the fence, and I've been kind of critical of Nick Sirianni as well, and Nick was one of the first people who came up to me. You can feel his energy. You can feel that it's sincere, and you can feel that the guy loves football. He has a bunch of guys around there, that - it's a different energy there. I was there last year, and it was a very, very thick, competitive - like you were in the middle of a fight. I came there last year and I was like, 'Man, where do I go? If I hang out with these two guys, then these guys...' and you were in the middle of turmoil. Now there is a free flow there, and there's a fresh sense of renewal for a lot of people around the building."

That should be music to Eagles fans' ears!

We can preface all of this by saying that, yes, it's much easier to have good vibes in mid-May than it is in mid-November. The offseason is a time of promise and potential, so it's not terribly surprising to hear Avant say things are rosy down in South Philly.

But it's definitely noteworthy that a former NFL wideout, who has seen his fair share of team facilities behind the scenes, was clearly impressed with the way Sirianni is running his ship down at NovaCare. It's Sirianni first time as a head coach, and it wouldn't be a shock (or even a bad thing, really) if the building was just checking the boxes during his first offseason in charge. 

Instead, it sounds like Sirianni has the building buzzing - and with each veteran signing coming from the front office, the juice around this Eagles team grows bit by bit.

The 2021 Eagles aren't going to be world-beaters. They probably won't make the playoffs. They probably won't finish over .500. But if Sirianni can get things going in a generally positive direction during his first season at the helm, that would be a huge step in the right direction to kick off his career in Philly. 

After such a chaotic offseason, you can't fix everything in one year - but you can certainly start.


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13 hours ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

I think Sirianni is going to win over fans because he just seems like a good guy. He may not be a good HC, he may turn out to be a bad hire but he's a good guy that it would be hard to hold that against him. 

There's no reason to believe he's not a good guy. I suspect he's a very nice human being who wants the best for others. The only reason I know he exists isn't because he's a good guy, it's because he's the HC of the Eagles. I expect a bad season this year and if he holds the team together, develops young players, wins over team leaders, and handles pressure with clutch decision making, he'll show he's a good coach on top of being a good guy. That's my hope for him. He's a rookie HC with a young staff, so we'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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I watched a few of the Colts games from last year, just for a little reference.

It seemed as though the offense was really tailored to the dink and dunk style of Rivers that he carried over from San Diego. It gives me hope that Siri will be smart enough to tailor the offense to match the talent. If Hurts needs to run, maybe we see a lot more RPO, screens, bootlegs and misdirection than the Colts offense showed last season.

Ours could be a very exciting offense but, as others have mentioned, will sink or swim on Hurts' arm.

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