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Contract details show which 2021 undrafted players Eagles like most


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Contract details show which 2021 undrafted players Eagles like most


The Eagles drafted nine players last month and then they signed seven more rookies after the draft concluded.

In total, they handed out $480,000 in guaranteed money to this year’s crop of UDFAs, but quarterback Jamie Newman’s deal doesn’t include any signing bonus or guaranteed money. It’s a slight surprise that they didn’t have to guarantee any of his salary to bring him in as their third QB.

But four of the Eagles’ seven undrafted players received contracts that include at least $80,000 guaranteed. Nebraska tight end Jake Stoll and Buffalo guard Kayode Awosika both received well over $100,000 guaranteed.

The NFL’s rookie reservation for 2021 (the total amount they can give in signing bonuses to undrafted players) is $160,000, according to Joel Corry of CBS Sports. The Eagles paid out $90,000.

Following the guaranteed money is often a good way to gauge how the team feels about these players. For example, last year the Eagles gave five players at least $90,000 guaranteed and four of them ended up with the team in some capacity: Luke Juriga, Raequan Williams, Noah Togiai, Grayland Arnold, Michael Jacquet all got $90K+ last year. Juriga, Williams, Arnold and Jacquet all saw action with the Eagles and Togiai might have it he hadn’t gotten claimed by the Colts.

Overall, the Eagles’ UDFA class this year is lighter. Last year, the Eagles’ 13-player UDFA class was handed more than $764,000 in guaranteed money. That was way above the league average of $375,000.

All seven of these deals in 2021 are standard three-year deals for UDFAs, which means these players will become restricted free agents after the 2023 season if they last that long. Their base salaries over the next three seasons are minimums: $660K, $825K and $940K.

Here’s a closer look, from most guaranteed money to least:

Jack Stoll, TE, Nebraska

Guarantee: $122,500

Signing bonus: $22,500

Kayode Awosika, OG, Buffalo

Guarantee: $112,500

Signing bonus: $12,500

Trevon Grimes, WR, Florida

Guarantee: $82,500

Signing bonus: $7,500

Jhamon Ausbon, WR, Texas A&M

Guarantee: $80,000

Signing bonus: $10,000

Harry Crider, C, Indiana

Guarantee: $42,500

Signing bonus: $22,500

JaQquan Bailey, DE, Iowa State

Guarantee: $40,000

Signing bonus: $15,000

Jamie Newman, QB, Wake Forest

Guarantee: $0

Signing bonus: $0


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