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The New Guys


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The New Guys

Posted: June 10th, 2021 | Author: Tommy Lawlor | Filed under: Philadelphia Eagles | 2 Comments

The Eagles have an almost entirely new coaching staff. Over the past couple of days, we got to hear from the positional coaches. This is always an interesting group because they are the hands-on teachers who do the dirty work and have significant impact on the performance of their players.

There weren’t any crazy revelations. There was no breaking news. No one spilled the beans on the scheme and gave us the secrets to the playbook. Still, it was interesting to get an idea of who they were and to get their thoughts on the team.

Jeff Stoutland isn’t new and that was part of the reason that hearing from him was so good.

Stout got asked about why things went wrong last year. He refused to answer (which was obviously the smart thing to do). He did have a lot to say about the LT competition and the overall line. Stout seems fired up about his group.

He expects a legit competition between Jordan Mailata and Andre Dillard. Stout talked at length about how Dillard handled last year really well. Dillard didn’t miss an OL meeting. He took notes. Stout treated him like he was healthy and going to play. Dillard got quizzed on what needed to be done that week. This doesn’t sound like much, but injured players often talk about how they feel like outsiders and how that puts a strain on them. Dillard stayed part of the group and was an active participant. Mentally, he’s in great shape. Stout said he is also bigger and stronger. Thicker. I’m genuinely excited to see what Dillard does.

Stout had good things to say about Brandon Brooks and Lane Johnson. If those guys can stay healthy, this line can be outstanding. Stout offered praise for Jack Driscoll and Nate Herbig. He seems excited about the addition of Landon Dickerson. The interview is 23 minutes long, but you should watch the whole thing. Just terrific.


I liked what DB coach Dennard Wilson had to say. He talked about how he is coaching the DBs up and talked about some of the details he’s focusing on. Part of being a good coach is having a clear message and communicating it effectively. If he can be a good teacher, that would be a huge help to the DBs. It won’t suddenly turn Avonte Maddox or Zech McPhearson into Eric Allen, but it can help them to maximize their talent and play better.

Wilson wouldn’t commit to anyone playing specific spots. He’s going to see how the guys look in Training Camp and then figure out where they should go.


WRs coach Aaron Moorehead had plenty of interesting topics to discuss.


Moorehead also said good things about some rookie named DeVonta Smith.

This is a big year for Moorehead. He’s got talent to work with and a more normal offseason than last year. He needs to get this group to play well if he wants to keep his job. I think keeping him was smart, but let’s not be naive and act like he’s got this job locked up for life. He needs the receivers to show something.


Kevin Patullo offered some good thoughts on how his background with WRs and QBs helps him to work with both groups. He can explain to them what the other side is looking for. That puts context on what they are doing and can really help them. He was an interesting guy.

I was disappointed with QBs coach Brian Johnson. He didn’t say anything bad or dumb. I was just hoping he would be more compelling with his comments.

TE coach Jason Michael did say he’s talked to Zach Ertz, but wouldn’t go into much beyond that.


Overall, I was impressed with the group. Les Bowen put it well.



We got some unexpected moves on Wednesday.


Yikes. That doesn’t bode well for Jamie Newman’s future. The Eagles only have 2 QBs now. They needed a third for camp. Getting rid of Newman tells you they were not impressed with him as a player or possibly as a person. Or both. Not good for his future at all.

Tate was an experiment that didn’t work. He was going from college QB to NFL receiver. That’s tough.

I was surprised when Grimes went undrafted. Now we know why. He wasn’t healthy.


The team needed a camp body to help at receiver after letting go of 2 guys.


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