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Philadelphia Eagles: Don’t cross Trevon Grimes name off your lists yet


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Philadelphia Eagles: Don’t cross Trevon Grimes name off your lists yet

by Geoffrey Knox13 hours ago 

Those of you who are huge Trevon Grimes fans or Philadelphia Eagles fans who were excited about the team’s acquisition of the former Florida Gators standout will enjoy reading this one. Call it one of those ‘good news and bad news’ scenarios, but it does have a relatively happy ending, sort of.

Anyway! Here goes. Most of you would rather get the bad news first, so here it is. Though there was some excitement about the possibility of Trevon Grimes making the roster and becoming the latest prospect to make a name for himself despite going undrafted (think T.J. Edwards, Corey Clement, and Greg Ward if you need examples), unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re well aware of the fact that Grimes’ dreams of NFL stardom are on pause.

This is due to the fact that the Birds elected to waive the six-foot-four, 218-pound wideout on June 9th due to medical reasons. At the time, most of us that were pulling for him automatically assumed that meant any hope of seeing him in a Birds jersey was out the window, but as Lee Corso would say "Not so fast friends!”.

Philadelphia Eagles fans may still get that Trevon Grimes wish granted.

So, you were promised good news, and here it is. Throw this one in the category of things that flew under the radar.

Two days after Philly’s decision to waive Grimes, along with quarterback Jamie Newman and fellow wide receiver Khalil Tate, they made another announcement. Rather than release Grimes they’ve added him to the team’s injured reserve. Now, here’s why that’s important. For the uninitiated or some of you baby Eagles fans, this means Grimes will remain with the team without occupying a roster spot.

To make long stories short, look at things this way. Those of you who were excited about the possibility of this young man surprising people and making the roster might still get that wish. You’ll just have to be patient and realize that this is a move made now that could pay off later.

Don’t rule out the possibility of Trevon Grimes potentially becoming a part of this team’s fabric yet. Just know that his official introduction will need to come one year after many of us anticipated. Don’t stress too much. He’ll be worth the wait. That you can depend on.


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On 6/19/2021 at 9:56 AM, brkmsn said:

Has anybody ever won Nasty Nate two years in a row? I think he's already the frontrunner this year and is set up to do it again next year. 

To win the Nasty Nate award would he need to be able to practice? Dunno if he's going to be able to this summer. Next year? If he's still around he'll be the favorite going into pre-season without doubt.

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