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Top 5 Philadelphia Eagles on offense under 25 years of age


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Top 5 Philadelphia Eagles on offense under 25 years of age

by Geoffrey Knox1 day ago



This Philadelphia Eagles team is getting younger, and it’s about time.

Injuries are a part of the NFL game. They can’t be avoided, but when you’re the Philadelphia Eagles and you miss on so many of your draft picks, the tendency has been to try and mask those snafus by adding veterans in free agency and kicking the tires on some of your own guys that you thought you’d be replacing.


Oh, and then there’s the other problem. Old guys get hurt more often, and they take longer to heal when they are on the shelf.

That’s why you see Philly sign Corey Clement and Darren Sproles over and over again. That’s why you see Jason Peters, Alshon Jeffery, and DeSean Jackson on the roster one season longer than they should be, but recently, Philly has had another issue. The young guys have been getting hurt too.

This team hasn’t just been bitten by the injury bug. Several injury bugs made nests at the NovaCare Complex.

Here we are. The 2021 regular season approaches, and Philly finally has a nice mix of young talent and grisly veterans. Pro Football Focus isn’t impressed though. They recently ranked the top 25 players in the NFL who are under 25 years of age. Here’s where it gets disrespectful. Not one Eagle from their offense or their defense is on the ranking.

Our staff at Inside The Iggles takes offense to that, but fear not. We’ve got you covered if you’re a Birds fan. Here’s a ranking of the top five Eagles on offense who are under the age of 25 and a few thoughts on everybody else on the offense under 25 as well. The debate table is officially open.



Here are the top five Philadelphia Eagles who are under 25.

1. Miles Sanders, running back

Well of course he’s in the top five. Miles Sanders made quite the impression in year one with the Philadelphia Eagles as he supplanted two Eagles greats, LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson in the record books en route to one of the most successful rookie seasons in franchise history.

At season’s end, he had amassed the most rushing yards by a rookie and the most all-purpose yards by a rookie in the history of the franchise.

2. DeVonta Smith, wide receiver

Sure, he’s never played a down of NFL football but isn’t this one obvious? As soon as DeVonta Smith steps on the field for the Birds in a game that counts against the win-loss total, he’ll be the best wide receiver and one of their best players on offense. If he stays healthy, he’s going to have an amazing career.

3. Jalen Hurts, quarterback

Much has been made about how many issues Jalen Hurts had with throwing the ball and his 1-3 record as a starter. In all honesty, had he been allowed to finish that Week 17 game versus the Washington Football Team, he may have won that one. Then, he’d be 2-2 and we’d be having a completely different conversation.

Everybody relax. This young man is going to be fine. There have been dozens of great quarterbacks who struggled early. Let the man grow and learn. You’ll see.

4. Jack Driscoll, offensive tackle

Consider this one of those ‘out of sight and out of mind’ things. Injuries robbed Jack Driscoll of a chance to really get his feet wet in 2020. As a result, some fans have forgotten about him though.

Mark these words though. This young man is going to be an important part of Philly’s offensive line for years to come. He can play both guard spots and at tackle too.

5. Jordan Mailata, offensive tackle

Who would have thought that a former seventh-rounder from Australia that never played American football could be so good? Expect Jordan Mailata to continue to progress. Don’t be surprised if he’s this team’s starting left tackle by Week 1.


Here are a few thoughts on the other Philadelphia Eagles that qualify.

The Philadelphia Eagles have several other prospects who are under the age of 25 on the training camp roster. Here’s the skinny on each one.

Landon Dickerson, offensive tackle: At the time of this story being written and published, Landon Dickerson remains the lone unsigned rookie on the Philadelphia Eagles roster. He was a great addition though. If he’s healthy, he might wind up being the best interior lineman that was taken in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Jalen Reagor, wide receiver: With the pressure of needing to be the top wideout on the depth chart removed, Jalen Reagor can relax and settle into being the ‘Robin’ to someone else’s ‘Batman’. That will help him a lot.

Quez Watkins, wide receiver: His speed is otherworldly. It’s going to be interesting to see if he can make this team and how he’ll be utilized if he does.

Adrian Killins Jr., running back: Adrian Killins signed a two-year deal on March 17th. Is that an admission that the Philadelphia Eagles have already decided he makes this roster?

Kerryon Johnson, running back: This is someone to watch when camp begins. but there are always red flags when a team as bad as the Detroit Lions decides that they don’t want you.

Jason Huntley, running back: He has a lot of ability, but it won’t even matter if no one lets him play. Like Kerryon Johnson, he comes to Philly by way of Detroit. Unlike Johnson, he never even appeared in a regular-season game before they waived him.


Here’s an impressive Philadelphia Eagles rookie and six potential bubble guys.

Seeing the Philadelphia Eagles land rookie running back Kenneth Gainwell in Round 5 of the 2021 NFL Draft has to be seen as a win. One day, we all might be talking about this as one of the great draft steals in franchise history.

Kenneth Gainwell, running back: Unless the bottom falls out or he has some catastrophic injury (let’s hope neither scenario happens), this guy will make the roster. The Birds have finally found a complement to Miles Sanders.

Elijah Holyfield, running back: It’s beginning to look like the Birds will finally give up on Elijah Holyfield. He’s been on this team since 2019 but has yet to carry the ball in a game that counts towards the win-loss tally.

Sua Opeta, guard: He’s a good depth piece and deserves to play somewhere. Sua Opeta has proven that he belongs in the NFL, but if the Eagles keep ten offensive linemen on the 53-man roster, a very likely scenario, he may fall victim to the numbers game.

Nate Herbig, guard: Take everything that was said about Sua Opeta, replace his name with Nate Herbig’s, and you have some instant analysis on Nate Herbig.

Kayode Awosika, guard: Tell the truth. Some of you have never heard of this guy and had no idea that he was on the roster. he has an uphill climb to make this team.

Luke Juriga, center: He’s a familiar name to Philadelphia Eagles fans, but all roads probably lead to Luke Juriga being left off of the 53-man roster.

Harry Crider, center: Harry Crider is one of four centers on the current Philadelphia Eagles roster but with Jason Kelce’s return and the knowledge that Isaac Seumalo and Landon Dickerson can both play center, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where he makes the team.


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