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Zach Ertz is still on Eagles’ roster, but resolution is expected soon


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Zach Ertz is still on Eagles’ roster, but resolution is expected soon

JUN 25, 2021 AT 8:23 AM

All is quiet on the Zach Ertz trade front, which is one of the most puzzling things of this NFL offseason.

The disgruntled Philadelphia Eagles tight end and his soon-to-be-former team reached an impasse long ago on negotiations for a contract extension. A divorce is the only way.

Irreconcilable differences.

But this one has been difficult to finalize because of Ertz’s decline and recent injury history, his enormous salary cap hit for 2021 ($12.7 million), age (30) and the Eagles’ refusal to trade him for what they consider to be unfair compensation.

Action was expected long ago, and now the clock is ticking, because starting training camp next month with Ertz still on the roster is not the way the Eagles want to proceed under new coach Nick Sirianni and mostly new staff. They can’t afford a contract dispute to distract a team that needs all the work it can get before being ready to play real games.


This poker game the Eagles are playing against the rest of the league has to end before long. The Eagles keep hoping someone will blink and show their hand. But the way things are looking, they will have to fold by releasing Ertz and putting the situation behind them.

If that happens, teams will line up to recruit the most talented and accomplished tight end in Eagles’ history. After all, his 561 receptions over eight seasons rank second in team history behind Hall-of-Fame wide receiver Harold Carmichael, who needed 13 seasons to get 589.

The Buffalo Bills could view him as the final piece to their championship puzzle. They assembled a juggernaut offense last season without the presence of an elite tight end before adding Jacob Hollister in free agency. Ertz would be a significant upgrade.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Jacksonville Jaguars don’t exactly have a championship-caliber roster, but adding Ertz would give them a fighting chance for respectability under first-year coach Urban Meyer and rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence.


In between? Well, how ‘bout the Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Chargers, Indianapolis Colts or Seattle Seahawks? Those are the teams listed by SportsLine with the best odds after the Bills to be Ertz’s next team.

Moving to Indy would energize Ertz because it would reunite him with former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich and quarterback Carson Wentz — one of Ertz’s closest friends.

In the meantime, the Eagles coaching staff continues to squirm in an uncomfortable situation illustrated by tight ends coach Jason Michael’s recent double talk.

"I’ve had an opportunity throughout, early when we all first got here, had an opportunity to call and speak with Zach and have continued to stay in touch,” Michael said following OTAs. "Consistent communication with him throughout, so that’s been good just in terms of the conversations that we’ve had.”

The conversations aren’t bringing Ertz back to the Eagles.

And they never will.

Ertz has to go. The sooner, the better. For both parties.


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The simple reality is... The Eagles haven't had an offer they are happy to accept. They think at this point they may as well wait and see if anyone gets more desperate and gives them a better offer. They don't need the cap space as it seems for some reason they are happy with their outside corners so they feel they can wait it out. 

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