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Landon Dickerson could be 'injury-prone total waste' or 'Pro Bowl lineman for next decade'


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Landon Dickerson could be 'injury-prone total waste' or 'Pro Bowl lineman for next decade'


By NICK KOSKO 15 hours ago

Landon Dickerson, on paper, seemed like a good pick for the Philadelphia Eagles. However, the former Alabama offensive lineman is not without his injury concerns heading into the NFL.

NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Reuben Frank expects one of two outcomes for the Eagles rookie. Either Dickerson never shakes the injury label and is a second-round bust or he willll be a key cog for the Philadelphia offensive line for the next 10 years.

There really is no in between when you consider Dickerson’s potential but Philadelphia has to be wary due to its recent history of offensive line injuries.

"I’m super curious about Landon Dickerson,” Frank wrote. "He could either go down in history as an injury-prone total waste of a second-round pick disaster or he could become a Pro Bowl interior lineman for the next decade. And nobody has any idea which way this will go. The only thing that would surprise me is if Dickerson doesn’t start at least a few games at some point this year. Who knows where, but the way this team has been decimated by injuries the last few years, it’s hard to imagine the interior of the O-line staying intact for 17 games, especially at their age. You hope nobody gets hurt, but does anybody really expect that?”

Despite the injuries, the Philadelphia Eagles might have pulled off a big-time steal or even heist in the draft by selecting Dickerson to potentially anchor their offensive line in the near future.

"To me, it’s about helping these guys, because I know some of them have never been exposed to an NFL-style offense,” Dickerson said, via NJ.com. "They don’t do specific techniques and fundamentals and being able to help those guys succeed is something I really enjoy because, not only can I help them, but they can help me because we’ve all had different coaching.”

Dickerson can plug in right away on the Eagles offensive line at guard or center if he is healthy, but likely guard due to the return of center Jason Kelce. Dickerson would also have to beat out veterans at guard but based on his play, he is certainly capable. Either way, ESPN college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit is a big fan of the guy in the trenches.

"He's the kind of guy when you get around the team, whether it was at Florida State or Alabama, he kind of just has the ‘it’ factor of the offensive line,” Herbstreit said during the NFL Draft. "He’s a center, he can play guard. He's got a nasty streak to him, he's an incredibly bright guy. Football IQ is high. But the only thing, he's had a lot of injuries. That's been a thing throughout his entire career. He's gotta be able to stay healthy.”

The Philadelphia Eagles are scheduled to open the 2021 regular season on the road against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, Sept. 12th at 1 p.m. ET.


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It's the Eagles. We know how this will end.

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