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Buying In


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Buying In

Posted: July 12th, 2021 | Author: Tommy Lawlor | Filed under: Philadelphia Eagles | 193 Comments

The Eagles have new schemes. They have new coaches. And there are quite a few new Eagles. Change is all over the place. These changes only work if the players truly buy in. It is up to the coaches to sell their ideas and get the players on board.


Of course Lane Johnson is going to say good things about his new coach in an interview. Can you imagine "Who the heck is Nick Sirianni? All this guy does is talk ball and act like he knows what he’s doing. He better keep a copy of his resume ready because he won’t be here long”? That would be wild.

Johsnon said all the right things, as he should. But Lane isn’t a good BS’er. If he had doubts, I think you would have had more generic comments. I also loved the last bit where he said "We have a lot to prove.” That is exactly right.

It drives me nuts when players and coaches say "We’ve got a great team” or something like that and they are coming off a bad season. The Eagles have potential, but they absolutely have a lot to prove. That’s the right mindset, the right attitude. You want players to have some confidence and to believe, but you don’t want them delusional.

When you’re at rock bottom, acknowledge it and move forward.

I don’t know if Johnson got the "a lot to prove” from Sirianni. I’d love to think that’s where he heard it.

You can see the difference in Pederson and Sirianni in that clip. Sirianni is all over the place. He’s very hands on. He coached multiple positions over the years and spent a lot of time as a positional coach. Those guys have to be hands on. Pederson coached QBs. That’s it. QBs are in their own world, even on the practice field.

Sirianni is focused on details in that clip. He’s trying to do little things to make sure they will help the players in Training Camp and in games. I liked when he talked about the importance of habits. He’s exactly right on that.

The Eagles have had good luck with coaching changes over the years. I don’t know if Jeff Lurie does this intentionally, but there is a trend. Ray Rhodes was a short term thinker who focused on motivation. He was replaced by Andy Reid, who was a long term thinker who focused on teaching.

Things got stale under Reid so the team brought in Chip Kelly, someone who had a lot of new ideas and would really shake things up. When they replaced Kelly due to his lack of people skills, the Eagles hired Doug Pederson, who had "emotional intelligence”.

When things fell apart under Pederson, the team went and hired a young coach who climbed the coaching ladder over 15 years. He worked for two colleges and three NFL teams. Sirianni is a lifer. He’s a grinder. He’ll understand all the little things it takes to succeed. Can he teach them, lead a team and do a good job at making key decisions? We have to wait and see on that.

The more time goes by, the more I like the Sirianni hire.



Smith has to be the most decorated Eagles draft pick of all time. What an amazing college career.



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The players will buy in when they start winning games. 

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