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Weapon X Mailbag: Will Nick Sirianni have a more balanced offense than Doug Pederson?


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Weapon X Mailbag: Will Nick Sirianni have a more balanced offense than Doug Pederson?

By shamus_clancy@shamus_clancy  Jul 13, 2021, 9:22am EDT  


NFL: OCT 18 Bengals at Colts

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61 days.

Let’s get to the questions...


@BingnearLarry: Will Nick Sirianni have a balanced offense instead of being pass-happy like Doug Pederson was?

No. Throwing the ball wasn’t just an Andy Reid philosophy. It wasn’t just a Doug Pederson philosophy. It’s an Eagles organizational philosophy. Jeffrey Lurie wants to be on the next frontier of the football world and he wants the Eagles to be a pass-heavy team. Did we already forget him reportedly being mad about the team running the ball too much in an emotional win at Lambeau Field in 2019?

The Eagles will never run the ball as much as you, your annoying uncle, an angry dude in your Twitter replies, or a fool who calls into sports radio wants. That’s a top-down outlook on NFL offense, one that extends from Lurie to Howie Roseman to whoever is the head coach.

The Colts had an effective backfield in 2020, using Jonathan Taylor as a feature back with Nyheim Hines working as a pass-catcher. If you asked an Eagles fan who wants to run the ball more if the Eagles should use Miles Sanders the way Indy used Taylor, the answer would be a resounding yes. Taylor averaged 17.8 touches per game last year. Sanders averaged 16. It’s not the difference you think.

This is the offense. This has been the offense for the entire time I’ve followed the team. Fans have had over 20 years to get used to a pass-heavy offensive attack.

The idea of taking components of Baltimore’s offense, a heavy rushing attack featuring Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram, and J.K. Dobbins, intrigues me. Would that system work with Jalen Hurts, Sanders, and Kenny Gainwell? I doubt we’ll ever find out.


NOTE: only Eagles-related portion included above (if interested in Loki or any other nonsense included in the full article, please click on the link



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22 minutes ago, time2rock said:

Will Nick Sirianni have a more balanced offense than Doug Pederson?

Colts had 3.5 more carries per game than the Eagles last year.

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Big yawn.  Andy Reid's Chiefs have no balance on offense.  DP was a Reid disciple.  Chip Kelly's Eagles ran a very balanced offense.  Jon Gruden chucked the WCO and went with the Jersey Shore offense when he was OC.

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I just want the HC to run the offense that he wants. We know that isn't going to happen as Lurie wants us to throw the ball but that's what I want. 

I want the HC to decide when to throw and when to pass. I think a balanced offense isn't getting a 60/40 pass run split or whatever some might want. It's about doing the right things in the right situations. It's about being aggressive when you need to be and being sensible when you need to be. Throw more to win, run more to manage the game when you're ahead by a good margin. Get defenses off balance by mixing things up and use the weapons that you have. 

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