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Eagles OL Lane Johnson comments on 'embarrassing' 2020 season


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Eagles OL Lane Johnson comments on 'embarrassing' 2020 season

By CLINT BUCKLEY Jul 12, 1:02 PM

The Philadelphia Eagles were one of the NFL’s most disappointing teams in 2020. Things got so bad last season for the Eagles that they benched quarterback Carson Wentz, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2016 draft, and then traded him in the offseason.

Rookie second-round pick Jalen Hurts took over for Wentz down the stretch and it all added up to a 4-11-1 finish, dead-last in the NFC East. Doug Pederson, who led Philadelphia to its only Super Bowl title in 2017, was fired and Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni was hired as his replacement.

Eagles veteran offensive lineman Lane Johnson recently opened up about last season’s struggles.

"Really looking at our team right now, we had a great OTAs," he said. "(We're) moving forward, learning the playbook. I feel like coach Sirianni's just taking great command of the team, holding everybody accountable. I know camp starts here in a few weeks, (July) 27th, and everybody's looking forward to that. But a lot of veteran leadership, a lot of young, hungry guys ready to prove themselves, and that's where we're at. Last year was an embarrassment for everybody involved, and looking forward, we're ready to change that."

Sirianni served under Frank Reich, the Eagles’ offensive coordinator during the Super Bowl season. That was something that Johnson said bred immediately credibility in the Philadelphia locker room.

"I think we gained a lot of trust just from having him from Frank Reich, who was the head in Indianapolis, and having him come from there, knowing he was a great dude," Johnson said of his new coach. "First thing that he came in and did was he took great command of the team. I think he created a lot of energy. Every day's fun. During practice, there's always some type of competition period. Sometimes even the coaches get out there and compete, too, so that's what I like about it. Going into the building, man, it's been really cool. But right now, we're learning a new offense, we're trying to get that going, and that's really where we're at. But so far, he's taken great command of the team, and he commands a lot of respect."

Instead of drafting or trading for a starting quarterback this offseason, the Eagles plan to have Hurts as the starter at least at the outset. Philadelphia did sign veteran quarterback Joe Flacco this offseason in case a change is needed. But an NFL insider recently revealed Hurts may only be an experiment at this point.

"Teams I talk to, they like Jalen Hurts’ skillset, but not as a top-end guy,” ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler said earlier this month during an appearance on Get Up! "I spoke to a personnel man last night who said that over 17 games, when defensive coordinators have a full week to prepare for this guy, he can’t sneak up on them like he did last year. He could have some trouble, especially with an offense that doesn’t have an adequate running game.

"There were rumors around draft time that Philly was looking around at the quarterbacks in the first round, so this is clearly an experimental situation. But the stories I hear around Philadelphia are very impressive about the way he’s organized off-site workouts, getting guys on the same page, breaking down film with his receivers. Those are very good signs.”


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I'm hoping to see real fight back and character this year. Some of the veterans on this team were here when we won the SB and it must hurt them to see things go as badly as it did last year. 

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