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53 man expectations before TC


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Mailata, Seumalo, Kelce, Brooks, Johnson [+ Dillard, Dickerson, Herbig, Driscoll, Clark]
Smith, Reagor, Fulgham [+ Ward, Watkins]
Goedert [+ Ertz, Rodgers]
Sanders [+ Gainwell, Johnson, Scott]
Hurts [+ Flacco]
----> 24
Barnett, Cox, Hargrave, Graham [+ Kerrigan, Sweat, Jackson, Williams, Ridgeway, Tuipulotu]
Wilson, Singleton [+ Johnson, Stevens, D.Taylor]
Slay, Nelson, Maddox [+ McPhearson, Jacquet, James]
Harris, McLeod [+ Wallace, Adams, S.Taylor]
----> 26
Elliott, Lovato, Siposs


So, who did I miss? Think Ertz will be gone and we'll see Stoll? Will JJaw get another chance?

Anyone else who will make it, or too many of that position not enough on another?

Got to say, I like our starters this year, let's hope we for once won't miss half the team to injury.

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24 on offense and 26 on defense is right.

I think there will be 1 more tight end (Tyree Jackson) and one fewer lineman (Dickerson starts the season on IR)

Edwards makes the team and Johnson ends up on the practice squad at LB

At safety, Epps is currently the starter. Shakai Taylor has already been cut - pencil in Elijah Riley. Wouldn't be surprised if McLeod starts the season on IR. 

I don't think they keep 10 on the defensive line - Tuipolotu, ends up on the practice squad and given Gannon's package with a stand up rusher either Avery or Ostman makes the team. 

Howard over Johnson at RB

I actually think Ward is on the bubble and that final roster spot still is up in the air among Ward, JJAW, and Hightower in that order. 

The only question at QB is whether they keep Mullens on the practice squad or pick up  a young developmental guy. 

The really challenging exercise is to predict the practice squad. 



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