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Dynasty startup auction draft


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This is my first dynasty league and my first auction draft, same for the majority of the managers. I’m liking the possibilities of an auction draft that I can build a team beforehand based on average auction values, obviously these values will go haywire when the bidding starts, but I can make a much more detailed plan than a typical snake draft. The dynasty aspect obviously requires more future thought for player longevity.

Some of the reading I’ve found suggests putting a higher value on the WR position in dynasty leagues because these players will have a longer career and be on your team longer. Premium RB’s still have a higher price tag overall, which eats into your budget right away. This league has a rolling salary cap from year to year with an annual increase based on position. $5 for QB, $3 for every other position. So if I buy CMC for $75 this year, he costs me $78 next year and I have to get under the cap my Memorial Day each year.

I’ve done several mock auction drafts for practice and that has helped, but now I’m looking to set my plan in place. I’m considering spending high on established wr’s, grabbing multiple mid value young RB’s (who hopefully turn into something), a cheaper proven qb and young future franchise backup, te… I haven’t decided yet.

QB: Brady, Rodgers or Ryan then Trey Lance, Hurts or Burrows as a backup.

RB: 2 of CEH, Mixon, JK Dobbins, Najee Harris then for sure taking Damien Harris & Javonte Williams because I like them along with a couple other lower value players for depth.

Wr: Pay up for Tyreek or Stephon Diggs, invest high again for Calvin Ridley or Justin Jefferson, Brandon Aiyuk as a break out then grab Devonta Smith… because. 

TE: I like Pitts for the future, but don’t know if I want to trust him for his rookie year.


What opinions/recommendations do you guys have for Dynasty startups and auction drafts?

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