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Eagles DC Jonathan Gannon on how he'll prepare to stop Falcons rookie TE Kyle Pitts


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Eagles DC Jonathan Gannon on how he'll prepare to stop Falcons rookie TE Kyle Pitts

Glenn Erby 
September 2, 2021 8:12 am ET

The strength of the Eagles defense is clearly in the defensive line, but new defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon will need to dial up a game plan for stopping Atlanta’s high-powered offense on the backend.

With the 53-man roster and 15-man practice squad set, Philadelphia can now turn its attention towards the Falcons three-headed monster of Matt Ryan, Calvin Ridley, and rookie, Kyle Pitts.

A Philadelphia area kid that went onto stardom at Florida, Pitts is a part tight end, part machine, and a guy clearly capable of dominating the Eagles in his debut.

While answering a question from Jimmy Kempski of The Philly Voice, Gannon gave some insight on how the Eagles will prepare for Atlanta star rookie tight end, Kyle Pitts.

"With [Kyle] Pitts, we watched all that college tape on all those DBs coming out and he was a guy that was winning consistently versus all the DBs I was watching, and he jumped off the tape, and I was like, ‘Who is this guy.’ It’s going to be a challenge for us to figure out, especially in Week 1, how they are going to deploy them, what they are going to do with them and what it’s going to look like. We haven’t really started game planning for them right now, but just starting to watch some tape and having gone against Arthur a couple years there when I was in Indy and he was in Tennessee, we’ll have a good plan.”

Eagles linebackers have been abused by opposing tight ends over the past two seasons, so Gannon will likely rely on zone or combo coverage in the middle of the field.

Philadelphia’s defensive front can be dominant at times and Gannon will likely lean on his back seven maintaining their discipline early on, or they’ll risk giving up huge yardage in the passing game.



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I think Pitts is going to cause this defense, and many others, real problems for a long time to come. He's a mismatch for pretty much every player in the league. 

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