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Kelce reveals bet with Ertz that led to his blonde hair


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Kelce reveals bet with Ertz that led to his blonde hair


Jason Kelce isn’t a big fan of his bleach blonde hair but he was happy to lose the bet that led to it.

Kelce showed up to practice last week sporting the same hairdo as his longtime teammate Zach Ertz and on Thursday explained that his dyed hair was a result of a bet with Ertz.

"The bet was that if Zach was still here Week 1, I gotta dye my hair like Zach’s,” Kelce said. "Again, not happy with the hair but happy I lost the bet.”

Kelce and Ertz, who are now in their ninth year as teammates, made the bet in the offseason, just a couple weeks before the Eagles reported for training camp. It was actually around the same time Ertz dyed his hair.

While Kelce wouldn’t divulge what would have happened if he won the bet, the result of Ertz being on the roster led to the bleach blonde hair that he’s been sporting for a week now.


After an offseason of speculation surrounding Ertz, Kelce was like a lot of people in Philadelphia. He didn’t think Ertz would be here for the 2021 season.

"I was betting that he was going to get traded because I firmly thought he was going to get traded,” Kelce said.

Eagles general manager Howie Roseman didn’t hide the fact that Ertz was made available for a trade this offseason. And even Ertz delivered a tearful farewell to the city last January.

But the Eagles never got an offer for Ertz they deemed acceptable and Ertz handled the situation incredibly professionally. After it was made clear that he was returning, Ertz held a press conference and explained that apologies were issued and fences were mended between him and the organization as he headed into the final year of his contract.

While it looked like Ertz was going to be traded this offseason, it might not have been the wisest bet by Kelce. After all, they made it after Ertz finally returned to work out at the NovaCare Complex before training camp. That’s a pretty big hint.

And then there’s the fact that if anyone had an inkling of whether or not Ertz would be back this season … it was probably Ertz.

"I think he might have known at that point,” Kelce said, "which is why I’m sitting here with this hair. A little inside information.”

Kelce’s wife Kylie isn’t a fan of his hair either, but his daughter had no reaction. "So I dont know if that’s good or bad,” he said.

When asked if he’s going to rock the blonde hair all season, Kelce quickly shot back a no. But then paused.

If the Eagles keep winning, it’ll be hard to lose it.


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