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Carson Wentz snaps tracker: Wentz sprains both ankles in Week 2 loss


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Carson Wentz snaps tracker: Wentz sprains both ankles in Week 2 loss


Carson Wentz is no longer a member of the Eagles but his status still matters to his former team.

Because of the trade terms between the Colts and Eagles, the 2022 second-round pick that came to Philadelphia in the Wentz deal can turn into a first-round pick if one of these two things happen:

1. Wentz plays 75% of the Colts’ offensive snaps in 2021.

2. Wentz plays 70% of the Colts’ offensive snaps and the Colts make the playoffs.

With that in mind, we’ll be tracking Wentz’s snap count totals all season long.

Week 1: 76/76 (100%) L to Seahawks — Season total: 76/76 (100%)

Things got off to a great start for the Eagles. Not only did Wentz return from a foot surgery and a trip on the COVID-19 list to return for the opener, but he played every snap in Week 1 and the Colts lost 28-16 at home to the Seahawks. The best-case scenario for the Eagles this season is that Wentz meets the playtime threshold but the Colts aren’t very good, giving the Eagles a higher pick.

Week 2: 62/67 (93%) L to Rams — Season total: 138/143 (96.5%)

The good news is that the Colts lost again and fell to 0-2 on the season. The bad news is that Wentz left the game with an ankle injury, which is something to watch as they head into Week 3. "He rolled it up pretty bad," head coach Frank Reich said. "I had a sense when he walked off the field. It didn't look good."

Actually, this is now *ankle injuries, NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported.


Week 3: at Titans

Week 4: at Dolphins

Week 5: at Ravens

Week 6: vs. Texans

Week 7: at 49ers

Week 8: vs. Titans

Week 9: vs. Jets

Week 10: vs. Jaguars

Week 11: at Bills

Week 12: vs. Buccaneers

Week 13: at Texans

Week 14: BYE WEEK

Week 15: vs. Patriots

Week 16: at Cardinals

Week 17: vs. Raiders

Week 18: at Jaguars


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3 hours ago, time2rock said:

Carson Wentz snaps

I see this in the thread title and just instantly think "well there goes the first round pick then".

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