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Sirianni addresses ‘unacceptable’ penalty from Barnett


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Sirianni addresses ‘unacceptable’ penalty from Barnett


Nick Sirianni has talked a lot about clean slates since his arrival in Philly.

It took Derek Barnett two games to spoil his.

The former first-round pick with a history of committing boneheaded penalties picked up another one in the fourth quarter of the Eagles’ 17-11 loss to the 49ers on Sunday afternoon.

"I can't speak to anything that is in the past,” Sirianni said. "Obviously any personal foul is an unacceptable foul that happens after the ball is out of bounds, so that will be addressed just like it is throughout the entire organization after a win or a loss.”

Barnett was flagged for unnecessary roughness with just around 6 minutes to go in the game on Sunday. The Eagles were down 14-3 but still had a real chance to still make a comeback.

On a 2nd-and-7 from their own 35-yard line, Jimmy Garoppolo pitched the ball to JaMycal Hasty, who fumbled immediately. The ball bounced around and out of bounds for a big loss to bring up a 3rd-and-long.


But then, with the play already over, Barnett shouldered Hasty 5 yards away from the ball for absolutely no reason.

Look how far away this hit was from the ball:


So instead of a 3rd-and-15 from their own 27-yard line, the 49ers got a 1-and-10 from their own 42. They then used up another minute of valuable clock time and kicked a field goal to go up 17-3.

It just can’t happen.

And the problem with Barnett is that it always seems to happen. This was the eighth personal foul — six unnecessary roughness calls and two roughing the quarterback calls — of his NFL career.

10/8/17 vs. Arizona: Roughing the passer

10/12/17 at Carolina: Unnecessary roughness

9/15/19 at Atlanta: Unnecessary roughness

9/26/19 at Green Bay: Unnecessary roughness

10/6/19 vs. Jets: Unnecessary roughness

1/5/20 vs. Seattle: Roughing the passer

12/20/20 at Arizona: Unnecessary roughness

1/19/21 vs. 49ers: Unnecessary roughness

So maybe Barnett had a clean slate with Sirianni, but he has earned his reputation in the NFL.

Barnett has actually been a solid player for the Eagles in his first four years. He hasn’t been worthy of the No. 14 pick in the draft and he’s struggled to stay healthy, but he hasn’t been a bust either. It’s fair to want more out of Barnett. And it’s certainly fair to get frustrated every time he gets called for a stupid penalty.

In his career, Barnett has been called for 19 penalties for a total of 155 yards.

The Eagles, by the way, have been hit with 22 penalties this season. That’s the most in the NFL.

After Barnett’s penalty on Sunday, K’Von Wallace was called for another unnecessary roughness for his hit on Trey Sermon. It was a call Wallace disagreed with, while Sirianni said he doesn’t want his players to criticize the officials.

But at least Wallace’s penalty was in the play. It’s not ideal but he was at least making a tackle. Barnett’s was simply inexcusable.

"It's just one of our core values is we hold each other accountable,” Sirianni said on Monday. "These are not fun days. You come in after a loss and it's not a fun day. You've got to have tough conversations; You've got to hold each other accountable and get better from it. But that's the only point of this whole thing, is how do we get better from the letdown that we had? So, it will be no different with Derek.”


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10 hours ago, birdman#12 said:

Wallace's penalty was pure bullsh--......

Guy was upside freaking down in an instant while Wallace was already coming in for a hit. I agree. Complete horseshit. 

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2 hours ago, gameshowfan91 said:

If I was Sirianni, I would bench Barnett for game against Cowboys to send a message to locker room.

Whilst in normal circumstances I would be absolutely behind this I'm not sure they can do that? If they are trying to win this year then they need to win in Monday. And I know Barnett isn't a stud but he's a decent enough player and with BG now out I don't think they have any choice but to play him. 

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