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Lots of Quez Watkins in this week's Roob's Eagles Stats


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Lots of Quez Watkins in this week's Roob's Eagles Stats


Understandably, a 17-11 loss doesn’t create the fun statistical opportunities that a 32-6 win does.

But when you have a 91-yard pass play, a quarterback who’s running at a near-record pace and a defense that’s only allowed 23 points, the stats are there if you really want them!

Quez Watkins, Jalen Hurts and the Eagles’ defense highlight a Week 2 edition of Roob’s Eagles stats.

This Watkins can play: Watkins’ 91-yard catch from Hurts tied the fifth-longest offensive play in Eagles history and matched the longest since 1994. Along with his 81-yard TD to DeSean Jackson last year, Hurts is now the first Eagles quarterback to throw an 80-yard pass in consecutive seasons since Donovan McNabb in 2005 and 2006. It was also the longest offensive play by the Eagles in Philadelphia since Ron Jaworski’s record-setting 99-yard overtime touchdown to Mike Quick against the Falcons at the Vet in 1985. Despite starting only six games over the last two years, Hurts is the only quarterback in the NFL to hit on two 80-yard pass plays since opening day 2020. 

Here’s a look at the longest offensive plays in Eagles history:

99 yards: Ron Jaworski TD pass to Mike Quick vs. Falcons, 1985

95 yards: Randall Cunningham TD pass to Fred Barnett at Bills, 1990

93 yards: Randall Cunningham pass to Herschel Walker at Giants, 1994

92 yards: King Hill TD pass to Ben Hawkins vs. Giants, 1968

91 yards: Norm Van Brocklin TD pass to Tommy McDonald vs. Giants, 1958

91 yards: Herschel Walker TD run at Falcons, 1994

91 yards: Donovan McNabb TD pass to Terrell Owens at Broncos, 2005

91 yards: Michael Vick TD pass to DeSean Jackson at Cowboys, 2010

91 yards: Jalen Hurts pass to Quez Watkins vs. 49ers, 2021

90 yards: Wilbert Montgomery TD run vs. Oilers, 1982

90 yards: Ron Jaworski TD pass to Mike Quick vs. Cards, 1984 

90 yards: Donovan McNabb TD pass to Hank Baskett vs. Rams, 2008

91 yards, zero points: Hurts’  91-yard pass to Watkins was the second-longest offensive play in the NFL since 1998 that didn’t result in a touchdown. The only longer play was a 95-yard pass from Josh Freeman to Vincent Jackson for the Bucs against the Saints in 2012. The Bucs didn’t score on that drive either. The only longer play in Eagles history that didn’t result in a touchdown was Randall Cunningham’s 93-yard pass to Herschel Walker against the Giants in 1994. The pass was the second-longest in Eagles history that didn’t lead to points on that drive. On the one longer non-scoring play in Eagles history, 27 years ago, Randall Cunningham finished off the drive with a TD pass to Mark Bavaro.

Sixth-round magic: Watkins’ 117 yards are the second-most in franchise history on two catches. Bobby Walston had a 2-for-127 game against the Cards at Franklin Field in 1961. Walston had catches of 59 and 68 yards in that game but no touchdowns, although he did kick two field goals. From 1984 through 2019, the Eagles never had a WR drafted in the sixth round or later with a 100-yard game. But their only two 100-yard games the last two years have been by sixth-round picks — Travis Fulgham vs. the Steelers last year and Watkins Sunday.

Clamping down: The Eagles have allowed 23 points, the fewest they’ve allowed through two games since 2005 (17) and seventh-fewest in franchise history. It’s the second-fewest they’ve allowed in the last 40 years. Only the Panthers (21) have allowed fewer this year.

This should be impossible: The Eagles are only the third team in NFL history to allow 23 or fewer points through two games without a takeaway. The 1979 Broncos did it, allowing 13 points, and the 2016 Seahawks did it, allowing 19 points. Both teams won 10 games. The Eagles have allowed fewer points through two games only six times: 1980 (13), 1981 (13), 1943 (14), 1949 (14), 1974 (17) and 2005 (17).

This should be impossible, too: The Eagles are also only the third team in NFL history to open a season with two games in which neither team committed a turnover. The 1998 Broncos and 2017 Saints also did that. For what it's worth, the Broncos won the Super Bowl that year.

Two-way weapon: Hurts is the seventh player in NFL history (and third since 1973) to open a season by averaging 8.0 yards per carry on at least seven carries the first two games of a season. He’s only the third Eagle with two such games in a row at any point of a season. Michael Vick did it in 2011 and Jay Ajayi in 2017. In five of his six starts, Hurts has rushed for 60 or more yards with a 5.5 average or better. No other QB has ever done that five times in his first six starts.

100 and 100: Hurts is the fifth QB in history with a passer rating over 100 and over 100 rushing yards two games into a season. The others were Steve Young in 1995, Michael Vick for the Eagles in 2010, Robert Griffin III in 2012 and Lamar Jackson in 2019. Young, Vick, Griffin and Jackson all went to the Pro Bowl that year.

Keeping that streak going: With a 6-yard catch in the third quarter, Zach Ertz kept alive his streak of consecutive games with at least one catch. Ertz extended his streak to 91 straight games, third-longest in Eagles history and longest in 41 years. Harold Carmichael had a 127-game streak from 1972 through 1980 and Pete Retzlaff had a 94-game streak from 1959 through 1966. Keith Byars (87 from 1987 through 1992) and Tommy McDonald (80 from 1957 through 1963) are next-longest. Ertz’s streak is the seventh-longest current streak, behind Antonio Brown (139), Julio Jones (129), DeAndre Hopkins (128), Travis Kelce (112), Jarvis Landry (112) and Marvin Jones (99). The next-longest current streaks on the Eagles belong to Dallas Goedert (26) and Jalen Reagor (13). 

Chasing Charle: Speaking of Reagor, he’s caught a pass in each of his first 13 career games, and he’s only two games shy of the longest streak of consecutive games with a catch in Eagles history to open a career. Charle Young caught a pass in his first 15 games in 1973, Keith Jackson in his first 14 games in 1988 and Jordan Matthews also in his first 13 games in 2014. 


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