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Tylan Wallace (Oklahoma State, WR)--2021 Draft


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This post was originally made by myself on 11/9/2019 on the old EMB. He will be a senior this season:


Tylan Wallace is a WR for Oklahoma State listed at 6'0'' 185. 

He has a twin brother Tracin Wallace as a teammate. 

Tylan may as well be the twin brother of Mike Wallace. 

Hes got the speed. And while hes not going to be confused with a Dez Bryant angry runner with the ball, he plays with a determination and toughness. I wont call him a jump ball WR, but like Mike Wallace, if the ball isnt placed perfectly, Tylan is going to surprise you at times with his ability to high point and come down with the ball over or through CBs making some great grabs you just done expect him to make.

He can have much better stats and showcase his speed more if he had a better QB. His QB cant seem to reach him on the deep ball. 

As a sophomore, he had 86/1491/12 as a WR. 17.3 yard per catch average.

As a junior he has 53/903/8. 17 yard average.

Enjoy last years highlights. After the video grab yourself some ice cream.


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This next year is loaded too man. 

Jjaw needs to show out this year. He should have plenty of chances. 

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