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Trade Advice?


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The owner of Nick Chubb and DeAndre Swift is 0-3 and I am considering packaging George Kittle and Darrell Henderson to acquire one of the two as my RB2. (Other team owner is a big Kittle fan and had him last 3 years in a row). This is a 10 team PPR league.

I'm 2-1 but my RB depth was tested pretty early after losing both JK Dobbins and Gus Edwards (we implemented a slow draft format over a 2 week period where people put in their picks in the Google spreadsheet given busy schedules). My move to take Gus Edwards in the 8th round the day Dobbins (4th rnd) tore his ACL did not work, but I'm hanging in there early on.


My roster:

QB: Tom Brady

RB: Austin Ekeler, Darrell Henderson, Cordarelle Patterson, Devin Singletary, Kenneth Gainwell

WR: Davante Adams, Julio Jones, Chase Claypool, Jakobi Meyers, Hunter Renfrow

TE: George Kittle, Jared Cook

D/ST: Saints

K: Tyler Bass


Proposed trade:

George Kittle and Darrell Henderson for Mark Andrews and Chubb/Swift?

Should I target Chubb although he is more TD dependent, but has a better schedule and surrounding team, or target Swift and his usage in the passing game since the Lions have no good receivers outside of their TE?

Or should I hold onto Kittle and just roll with my current group of RBs since I managed to go 2-1 so far with this current group?

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