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still see trump signs/flags in your neighborhood?

it's been almost 1 year since the 2020 presidential election.....  

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  1. 1. do you still see folks displaying trump flags and/or signs on their property in your neighborhood?

    • Yes...they're all over the place
    • Yes...they're not hard to find
    • Yes...but they're pretty rare
    • No...never

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I saw signs during the election. I don't see them anymore in my neighborhood. 

Looking forward to Trumplicans trying to steal the election in 2022 given that they have appointed Trump Loyalists to be poll watchers, election officials and because several republican state houses have changed the law/rules and stripped power from election officials and granted the power to themselves.

Should be a real hoot of a Constitutional crises, when the Trumplican house members refuse to award electors to the Dem who won, but instead give them to the Trumplican who lost. Going to get my popcorn ready. 

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Nope, not in my neighborhood. Occasionally I pass a jacked-up pickup truck or a rape van with Trump stickers on it. Makes good fodder for mockery on my drive. But if I go 20 minutes out of town to redneck country, it's like the 2020 election is still in full swing.

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We had a couple in our immediate neighborhood for maybe a couple months. Most disappeared after Jan 6.

If I go outside the neighborhood to the general Central Bucks area there's some here and there. But mostly it's turned into proxy support for insane school board candidates who think Covid is a hoax and CRT is lurking around every corner.

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Yes. Mostly flags. My favorite though is the one guy near my kid's school has created a little shrine. He's got a Trump lawn sign that he's planted in a bed of mulch on his front lawn with little stones surrounding the bed, and a circle of mini American flags surrounding the sign. He's used blue tape to cover over Pence and 2020  :lol:

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We also have a super "anti MAGA" home nearby. It's on a small piece of farmland and has a huge solar array next to it. The house itself is really run down and covered with huge flags draped on the walls. Including a Biden 2020 flag, Build Back Better flag, rainbow flag and BLM flag. Along with other smaller signs and such 

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