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Odell Beckham Jr. (Rams WR) -- 2022 Free Agent

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13 minutes ago, ibleedgreen1990 said:

This needs to happen ASAP. Especially with reagor having his ankle not 100%. Place a waiver claim and get a #1 wr. This man still gets open like crazy


if we sign him to a 1 year dear and he walks… is that a comp pick at the end of the year?

Depends on the FAs you sign. Cancels each other out..

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1 hour ago, 4for4EaglesNest said:

So let me get this straight.  His dad posted a video about his QB missing him being open in Cleveland and you want him to come play with Jalen Hurts?  JFC.  

What if….we get OBJ, flip the firsts (Or 2 of them) in the offseason for a franchise QB? 👀

1 hour ago, Walkdawalk said:

Which teams are higher than us on the waiver wire that could still technically make the playoffs? Because doubt he makes it to 8th in waiver wire. 


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11 minutes ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

So in other words... The Eagles have interest in bringing him in but he has no interest in coming. 

Sounds like they have interest. It’s a waiver claim so I think he added the 2nd part in case another team claims him in front of us. No telling what OBJ would want.

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5 hours ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

I think that's a really good point actually. I mean I'm sure Smith and Watkins would feel they can really learn from a guy like OBJ.

Guessing that was sarcasm (hard to tell) but OBJ is one of the last players I’d want to use as a mentor to our young receivers.  

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