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8 Dead, Hundreds Injured at Travis Scott Astroworld Festival in Houston


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10 hours ago, Gannan said:

There were rumors going around that people were drugged. Anyone else hear this?

First, like 4for4, I had never heard of this idiot until this story broke out.  This was mentioned in The Blog and someone there did post a link to reports that people were being jabbed with needles and injected with a drug that rendered them unconscious for a while.  Seems this started in London and has made its way around the World.  Who the F goes to a concert with the intent of sticking strangers with a needle and injecting them with a drug to knock them out?  Some real pieces of ish out there in the World. 

This moron has an established pattern of inciting riots and creating dangerous situations at his shows so he's going to get nailed with lawsuits and hopefully they bankrupt him.  He kept playing while the trampling of people was going on and doesn't seem to care.  Him and Ruggs should be cell mates.  Yeah, different states, but it's a nice thought.


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On 11/9/2021 at 8:14 PM, The_Omega said:

I’ve been to a lot of concerts, many aggressive rock bands. General admission up front with mosh pits and slam dancing, even F’ing Gwar once, and never saw anything like this even come close to happening.

I don't doubt that Scott's antics and his fans were contributing factors.

But crowd control is an art, and fans have been trampled at all kinds of events without any encouragement from the top act. Soccer games for example, and Who concerts: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Who_concert_disaster)

I bought open seating tix to see David Sancious (ex-E Street Band keyboard player) and his new jazz ensemble at the Rutgers University Commuter Lounge in the late 70s. Organizers had erected barriers that funneled us upstairs toward a pair of doors for entry. The doors did not open on time, and the folks in back began pushing forward. I was at the front, and quickly sensed that I was getting crushed and had no escape path. I instinctively turned my shoulder to the crowd so that I would be compressed side to side, not front to back. This was a crowd of perhaps 200 people. Not hard to imagine what happens when thousands begin to push forward and the folks in front have nowhere to go.

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