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Pete Davidson the Next Guy Jumping On Kim's Arse


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7 hours ago, iladelphxx said:

She's 40 and had like 3 kids..... It's probably a disaster 


7 hours ago, LeanMeanGM said:

2 were from surrogates and she has enough money for vaginoplasty  

She has 4 kids 2 went through her wizards sleeve, add in all the sports guys and Ray Jay and she is #wrecked

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I saw Kim Kardashian in person at a club in Vegas back in like 2004.... before she was even really famous.  

She was hanging out with the Hilton Sisters and that whole crew at Ghostbar in The Palms. This was pre Sex Tape and I had no clue who she was.....  She was like waaaayyyy hotter than the rest of the people in that crew.  I remember asking my friends if anyone knew her name....She also looked a lot more natural back then, but her body was ridiculous.

The Evolution Of Kim Kardashian: A 10 Year Transformation - Capital XTRA

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10 hours ago, 4for4EaglesNest said:

I still can't believe Kate Beckinsale also dated that freak.  He pulls some nice ass, for some reason.  Kate Beckinsale praises Pete Davidson amid Kim K dating rumors

He's rich, famous, funny and has a monster C (allegedly) 

It's not that hard to figure out. 

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