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Week 12: Browns @ Ravens


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1 hour ago, AlpineEagle said:

No Post Again with Even they didn't Discuss Lamar Jackson 4 Interceptions in the Game

He's getting shredded for it but I dunno.  I watched both games and I thought Hurts' INT's were worse.  Lamar had 1 really bad one and the other 3 were just fantastic plays, fully outsretched scraped off the turf big plays made by a very athletic defense.  The 4th one a linebacker caught it with his elbow and stomach.  Meanwhile all 3 of Hurts' INT's were just awful throws straight at defenders.


I'm buying low on the ravens who are getting a ton of hate as the current #1 seed in AFC.  The defense is finally turned the corner, Lamar is in a slump  but he's got all receivers back.  i think they will crush the Steelers this sunday.

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10 hours ago, LacesOut said:

Ratbirds get so goddamn lucky!!! Hate that team!! 

I'm not buying that it's all luck.  The coach doesn't screw up close games, the QB is unstoppable in the 4th qtr, defense is fantastic on 3rd down and Justin Tucker is a 3 point advantage every game.  The Ravens are built to rack up close wins.

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