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What Hurts is focused on as he flushes his worst pro game


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What Hurts is focused on as he flushes his worst pro game


As Jalen Hurts works to get past his worst game as a professional football player, he introduced us to another aphorism in his lexicon.

You’ll never go broke taking a profit.

This one, Hurts said, comes from an old coach of his and the meaning is pretty simple. Sometimes you just have to be patient and take what a defense gives you.

"I know there’s a lot of opportunities in last week’s game and even some games before. Just take what they give you,” Hurts said. "That’s something that I’ve kind of jotted down. I’ve taken that coaching, I’ve taken the great coaching that the coaches have given me and I’m excited for this week.”

Of course, there are plenty of things to work on as Hurts regroups after Sunday’s 13-7 loss to the Giants at MetLife Stadium.

In that loss, he completed just 14 of 31 passes for 129 yards and threw three interceptions. His passer rating of 17.5 was the lowest of his young career and the lowest for any Eagles quarterback with at least 30 attempts since Jaws in 1981. It’s also the lowest in the NFL this season for a QB with at least 30 attempts.

It was bad.

But as Hurts said after a loss earlier this season, he just needs to flush it.

"We’ve moved on,” Hurts said. "We have so much to learn from from the game. I have so much I’ll learn from the game. Being patient, playing my position, being patient. Taking what they give me and going out there and protecting the ball is something that I’ve done a fairly good job of the majority of the year to this point. So to have a game like that, it’s a lot to learn from.”

Against the Giants, Hurts took several hits and some came on the tail end of read-option plays after he handed the ball off. Hurts said in a joking tone that he couldn’t get a call and then had an idea about how to combat it.

"Might have to pull a Remember the Titans the next time they try to come hit me,”Hurts said. "Sunshine.”

Hurts was talking about the part of the movie when Ronnie "Sunshine” Bass told his offensive linemen to let the defense through. When the defensive player hit Bass late, he flipped him over his shoulder.

I doubt we see that Sunday, but it sounds like we’ll at least see Hurts.

Despite some questions earlier in the week, Hurts says he will be able to play in this coming game. He is dealing with an ankle sprain suffered against the Jets, but he expects to play and doesn’t expect his injury to limit him.

That will give the young quarterback one more chance at redemption before the Eagles’ take their Week 14 bye week break.

"I think he's hungry to get out there again and to redeem himself from a performance that wasn't up to his standard,” head coach Nick Sirianni said. "That's the competitor in him. That's the football character in him, that he wants to get back and work and get ripping again.”


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I think patience during a game is one of his biggest issues isn't it? Certainly when it comes to standing in the pocket and waiting for a play to develop. But I guess it is difficult to do that when you know what you can do with your legs. 

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