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Could the Eagles look to trade 2022 first-round picks for more draft assets in 2023?


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Could the Eagles look to trade 2022 first-round picks for more draft assets in 2023?

Glenn Erby 
December 10, 2021 7:00 am ET


Philadelphia wheeled and dealt their way to three first-round picks in the 2022 NFL Draft, but according to one NFL insider, Howie Roseman could have something even more brazen up his sleeves.

The Eagles are technically still in the midst of a rebuild and although they are clearly in playoff contention, this season was still supposed to be about seeing what they had at quarterback and other key positions.

Rob Maaddi of the Associated Press is reporting via an AFC Executive, that Roseman could continue that evaluation, giving Hurts another year as the starter, while moving his coveted 2022 assets in hopes of greener pastures in 2023.

With the Dolphins, Colts, and Eagles all with 6 wins or more, the luxury of potential top-five picks has vanished and Philadelphia could be picking in the middle of the pack.

If Roseman still has dreams of a more conventional downfield star passer, the 2023 draft could offer a lot more potential for Philadelphia and other teams to start targeting.

Here are some of the top 2023 signal-callers, a star running back, and one all-world edge rusher that could have Roseman waiting patiently for greener pasture.


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Precisely the strategy they should employ. I and others, have been saying this for a while now. It's the smartest play.

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