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Carson Wentz snaps tracker: Wentz hits 75% mark!


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Carson Wentz snaps tracker: Wentz hits 75% mark!


Carson Wentz is no longer a member of the Eagles but his status still matters to his former team.

Because of the trade terms between the Colts and Eagles, the 2022 second-round pick that came to Philadelphia in the Wentz deal can turn into a first-round pick if one of these two things happen:

1. Wentz plays 75% of the Colts’ offensive snaps in 2021.

2. Wentz plays 70% of the Colts’ offensive snaps and the Colts make the playoffs.

With that in mind, we’ll be tracking Wentz’s snap count totals all season long.

Week 1: 76/76 (100%) L to Seahawks — Season total: 76/76 (100%)

Things got off to a great start for the Eagles. Not only did Wentz return from a foot surgery and a trip on the COVID-19 list to return for the opener, but he played every snap in Week 1 and the Colts lost 28-16 at home to the Seahawks. The best-case scenario for the Eagles this season is that Wentz meets the playtime threshold but the Colts aren’t very good, giving the Eagles a higher pick.

Week 2: 62/67 (93%) L to Rams — Season total: 138/143 (96.5%)

The good news is that the Colts lost again and fell to 0-2 on the season. The bad news is that Wentz left the game with an ankle injury, which is something to watch as they head into Week 3. "He rolled it up pretty bad," head coach Frank Reich said. "I had a sense when he walked off the field. It didn't look good."

Week 3: 61/61 (100%) L to Titans — Season total: 199/204 (97.5%)

After a week of uncertainty, Wentz was able to play through two ankle injuries suffered the week before. Wentz clearly wasn't himself but the Colts still played him and he played every snap. Not only that but the Colts lost 25-16 to the Titans to fall to 0-3 on the season. So it was good news all around for the Eagles. It's obviously very early but the Colts (Eagles) are third in the draft order right now. The best case for the Eagles is for Wentz to continue to play and the Colts continue to lose.

Week 4: 71/71 (100%) W vs. Dolphins — Season total: 270/275 (98.2%)

It looks like Wentz is past that ankle scare as he played every snap in the Colts' 27-17 win over the Dolphins. He had a pretty good and efficient game too. The win was the first on the season for the Colts, who moved to 1-3. Right now, the Eagles are in line to get the No. 8 pick from the Colts.

Week 5: 69/69 (100%) L to Ravens — Season total: 339/344 (98.5%)

The Colts blew a 19-point lead in the second half before eventually losing the game in overtime. Wentz played well but couldn't prevent his new team from dropping to a 1-4 record on the season. The Eagles are obviously in line to get a first-round pick and it might be a good one. If the season ended now, the Eagles would get the No. 6 pick from the Colts. (They would also get No. 5 from the Dolphins and No. 10 on their own.) There's the thought that the Colts might find ways to avoid playing Wentz late in a lost season to avoid giving up a first-rounder but three of their next five games are against the Texans, Jets and Jaguars. So my guess is they stay in the AFC South race.

Week 6: 48/48 (100%) W vs. Texans — Season total: 387/392 (98.7%)

The Colts' offense an efficient day, beating the Texans 31-3 to improve to 2-4 on the season. Wentz was 11-for-20 for 223 yards and 2 touchdowns in the win. But the Colts had just 48 total offensive snaps, their lowest total of the season. The Eagles are right now looking good in this trade. If the season ended today, the Eagles would have the Colts' No. 9 pick (as well as their own No. 8 and the Dolphins' No. 3.)

Week 7: 68/68 (100%) W vs. 49ers — Season total: 455/460 (98.9%)

Wentz played well on Sunday Night Football as the Colts took down the Niners 30-18. After an injury scare earlier this season, Wentz has been able to stay healthy. Wentz is around 53-54% toward playing enough snaps to make this pick turn into a first-rounder. That's the good news. The bad news is that the Colts have won two straight, which hurts the Eagles' draft stock. This is in line to be the 13th pick. The Eagles are also in line to have No. 2 (from Miami) and No. 6 (their own pick). 

Week 8: 80/80 (100%) L to Titans — Season total: 535/540 (99.1%)

For the seventh time in eight weeks, Wentz played every offensive snap for the Colts. In this one, Wentz threw an awful interception late in the fourth quarter, but forced overtime. Eventually, the Colts lost 34-31 in OT to fall to 3-5 on the season. At their current pace, Wentz would need around 861 snaps to hit the 75% mark so he's over halfway there. Wentz would need to play roughly five more complete games to get there. If the season ended now, the Eagles would have the No. 3 (Dolphins), No. 8 (own) and No. 9 (Colts) picks in the draft.

Week 9: 62/62 (100%) W vs. Jets — 597/602 (99.2%)

The Colts crushed the Jets on Thursday Night Football, eventually winning 45-30. But even when this game was clearly in hand, Frank Reich didn't take Wentz out of the game. Even when Sam Ehlinger took a snap at QB in the red zone, Wentz was on the field. And he was also on the field for the final kneel down. This makes it look like Reich certainly isn't on-board with trying to prevent this pick from turning into a first-rounder. The Colts' win means the pick will be less valuable. But the good news is that Wentz at the Colts' current pace would need around 854 snaps to hit the 75% mark, which means he's already just under 70% there. At this current pace, if he plays every snap, Wentz could play enough to make this a first-rounder in the next four or five weeks.

Week 10: 64/64 (100%) W vs. Jaguars — 661/666 (99.2%)

It was a close one but the Colts pulled out a 23-17 win over the Jags on Sunday afternoon. At least Wentz played every snap and he's on pace to get to the mark in the next four weeks or so. The problem is that the Colts have won four of their last five games, which means this pick is looking like a first-rounder but significantly less valuable. If the season ended now, this would be the No. 15 pick. The Eagles' own pick is 11 and the pick from Miami is No. 5.

Week 11: 62/69 (90%) W vs. Bills — 723/735 (98.4%)

The Colts went on the road and beat up the Bills 41-15 for their biggest win of the season; they pulled some starters late. Still, the good news is that it looks like Wentz is going to play enough to make this a first-round pick, but the pick is becoming less valuable each week after the Colts have won five of six. If the season ended now, this would be pick No. 16. (The Eagles are also in line to have No. 8 from Miami and No. 11 on their own). Based on how many snaps the Colts have played per game, Wentz would need to get to around 851 snaps to reach the 75% threshold, so he's around 85% of the way there. He could reach that before the bye week. Another thing to keep in mind is if the Colts make the playoffs, he needs to play just 70%. The Colts are making a serious push.

Week 12: 69/69 (100%) L to Buccaneers — 792/804 (98.5%)

Nothing worked for the Eagles against the Giants in Week 12 but this worked out. Wentz played every snap and the Colts blew a lead to the Bucs and ended up losing 38-31. If the Colts' snap counts stay steady, Wentz would need to get to around 851 snaps to reach that 75% mark so he has a realistic shot of doing that next week. With the loss to the Bucs, this pick is lining up to be No. 14. The Eagles right now would have Nos. 9 (their own), 10 (from Miami), 14 (from Indy).

Week 13: 62/72 (86%) W vs Texans — 854/876 (97.5%)

Almost there. The Colts beat the Texans 31-0 and took Wentz out of the game late, which delays this at least two more weeks. (Although, it's very clear this is going to turn into a first-round pick.) The Colts have played an average of 67.4 snaps per game, which means at that rate Wentz needs to get to around 859.5 snaps on the season to hit 75%. He'll do that in the next game. Of course, it's possible Wentz has already played enough snaps if the average drops in the Colts' last four games. Whatever. He's going to do it. The problem is that the Colts have been winning too much recently. This was once a very high pick and is now sitting at No. 17. If the season ended today, the Eagles would have picks 12, 13 and 17.

Week 14: BYE WEEK

Week 15: 52/52 (100%) W vs. Patriots — 906/928 (97.6%)

He did it! By playing all 52 of the Colts' snaps in their 27-17 win over the Patriots on Saturday night, Wentz has eclipsed the likely number of snaps he'll need to hit 75% on the season. The Eagles are getting a first-round pick back for him. Through 14 weeks, the Colts have averaged 66.3 snaps per game, putting them on pace for 1,127 on the season. That means Wentz would need around 845 snaps to reach 75% of the season. He is now well over that with three weeks left in the season. The only thing left to watch is how far this pick falls. At one time, this was looking like a top 10 pick but the Colts have now won five of their last six and seven of their last nine. If the season ended today, this would be pick No. 23.

Week 16: at Cardinals

Week 17: vs. Raiders

Week 18: at Jaguars


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Nice to have that 1st locked in.  Bummer they have been winning a lot more than expected (and have a cupcake schedule to close out the season).  But still, better a late 1st than any pick in the 2nd.  

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Colts, like the Dolphins, seem to usually have late season surges. Which I normally don't give a crap about. Except for this season. :thumbdown:

Awesome to get that 1st rounder. 

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I had 'em losing to the Pats and Cardinals, winning LV and Jags. The Cards are looking mortal after their early season world beater play. Colts have a very good D and run game. They could make some noise post season so maybe mid or late 20s pick?

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