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10 all-time Eagles records that could fall in the next month


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10 all-time Eagles records that could fall in the next month


With four games left in the season, it’s a good time to take a look at some Eagles franchise records that are in jeopardy.

The extra game in the 17-game season hasn’t opened the floodgates for a bunch of records, but there are still some interesting milestones and records within reach.

Let’s take a look:

HURTS CHASING TIM BROWN: It remains to be seen whether he’ll play enough the rest of the year to get enough attempts to qualify, but if Jalen Hurts gets 38 more carries he’s a lock to set a franchise record for highest rushing average with a minimum of 150 rushing attempts. Hurts is averaging 5.7 yards per carry and has 122 carries, so he needs 28 carries to get to 150. He averaged 10.2 carries per game in the 12 games he played. Timmy Brown currently holds the Eagles’ record for highest rushing average in a season at 5.5 yards per carry in 1965. Only 15 players in NFL history have averaged 5.7 yards per carry with at least 150 carries.

HISTORIC RUSHING NUMBERS: The Eagles are averaging 160.0 rushing yards per game, which puts them in range of the modern-day franchise record of 160.4 rushing yards per game set in 2013, Chip Kelly's first season. The 1949 Eagles averaged 217.3 rushing yards per game, but that 160.4 figure is the highest since 1950.

BEST EVER ON 3RD DOWN: Through 13 games, the Eagles are converting 45.5 percent of their third downs. The NFL has only tracked third-down conversion percentage since 1991, but that 45.5 percent figure is highest since. The current record is 45.4 percent set by the 2019 team.

CAN DEVONTA CATCH DESEAN? He’ll have an extra game to try to get there, but despite just four catches for 37 yards the last two games, DeVonta Smith is still on pace to break DeSean Jackson’s Eagles rookie receiving record of 912 yards. Smith has 701 yards in 13 games, which puts him on pace for 917. He needs to average 75 yards per game the rest of the season to become the Eagles' first 1,000-yard WR since Jeremy Maclin in 2014.

IT’S GOOOOOOOD: Jake Elliott has made 22 of 24 field goal attempts for 91.7 percent, which puts him on pace to break the franchise record of 88.9 percent set in 2011 by Alex Henery on 24-for-27 and matched in 2014 by Cody Parkey on 32-for-36.

CRAZY RUSHING TD NUMBERS: With four games left, the Eagles have already rushed for 19 touchdowns, just six shy of the franchise record of 25 shared by the 1945 and 1949 teams. Over the last 50 years, only the 2003 Eagles (23) and 2011 Eagles (20) have scored more rushing touchdowns than this team through 13 games.

CAN MILES DO IT AGAIN? Miles Sanders averaged 5.3 yards per attempt on 164 carries last year and he’s at 5.2 this year on 112 carries. That puts him on pace to become the first running back in Eagles history to average 5.2 yards per carry in consecutive seasons with a minimum of 100 carries. In fact, no Eagles running back has ever had two such seasons at any point. Swede Hanson, Steve Van Buren, Timmy Brown, Heath Sherman, Charlie Garner, Brian Westbrook and LeSean McCoy did it once each.

OK now, in the interest of fairness, let’s look at a couple records that nobody wants to break:

WHERE ARE THE SACKS? The Eagles have only 21 sacks, which puts them on pace for the fewest in franchise history – even in a 17-game season. Since sacks became an official stat in 1982, the fewest sacks the Eagles have recorded is 29 in 2005. Even considering unofficial sack totals, it would be their fewest since they had 19 in 14 games in 1976. The Eagles have already tied the team record for most games in a season with one or fewer sacks at eight.

GETTING BETTER, BUT … : The number has dropped dramatically over the last six weeks from the 75.5 percent they were allowing after nine weeks, and the Eagles are no longer on pace to break the NFL record for highest opposing completion percentage. But they’re still allowing QBs to complete 70.4 percent of their passes, which would be the highest ever against the Eagles and 8th-highest in NFL history. The Eagles allowed 68.7 percent last year.

A RECORD JALEN REAGOR DOESN'T WANT: Jalen Reagor is on pace to start 14 games and finish the season with 277 receiving yards. The fewest receiving yards in Eagles history by a WR who started at least 14 games is 335 by Ron Goodwin, who started 14 games in 1964 and had 335 receiving yards. The last former 1st-round pick in the NFL to start at least 14 games in a season and have fewer than 300 yards was Reggie Williams of the Jaguars in 2004.


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Some of those records are definitely going to fall in the coming weeks. If Hurts gets healthy between now and Sunday then he has a great chance to break the carries record. 

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