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Re-Sign/ or extend  

Marcus Epps-  3 years 8 million (2.25 guaranteed ) 

I for one love the kids progress and he has proven he is the best safety we have and has earned everything he has ever received. He started at being just a non active reserve and has each year gotten better and earned a role on special teams and then a 4th safety role and now all the way to getting more snaps on defense than any other safety. He was just a decent cover safety into now being a complete all around safety that will deliver punishment when you come across the middle. His development has been awesome to see. He gets a fair shot to start next year. 

Jordan Howard 2 years. 5 million (1.75 guaranteed ) Jordan knows if it wasn’t for the Eagles he would be out of the league already. He was very open about that early in OTAs . I think he feels like this is home to him now and his best option to succeed. He knows the offense, He knows we have a great offensive line and a great amount of carries are going to come if he just can be the same player he was during the 2021 season . We need a hammer and he brings that. There is still a role for him here. He is still young and has a good amount of tread left on his tires.

Nate Herbig 2 years 3.5 million 750 k guaranteed for a UDFA this is actually a big pay day and he deserves to be compensated for his consistent play and his durability. He has been a constant and consistent player who has helped keep our offensive line consistently good . He may never be a full time starter but he does have a ton of value as a swing guard and sometimes center. 

Sua Opeta 3 years 2.75 million 650k guaranteed- Our interior line backups have kept our offense running and made us a great running team and they deserve to be compensated. Sua has also made huge strides and has proven he can come in and keep our line rolling without there being much of a drop off. We need to keep them happy and keep our chemistry going because that is one of the most important things for a offensive line. Chemistry and experience which they all have

Steven Nelson- 1 year 6.5 million 2.5 guaranteed. The kid is durable , smart, and physical. While he definitely isn’t the future he does provide consistent play and doesn’t get beat deep. He won’t be given the job and he also can be used as trade bait if he doesn’t win the second or nickel job. The only way he would be the nickel is if Maddox was to get hurt because he got paid big money just a bit ago. We have a ton of cap money to spend and the more assets we have the better because we can go in the draft with a open mind picking BPA or target certain players without worrying about addressing needs. 

Jason Kelce 2 year Extension 22 million 16.5 guaranteed- the leader of the team deserves a pay raise and wants to try to play two more years and give the city of Philadelphia one more ring before he retires.


Trade Jalen Hurts and Fletcher Cox to the Cleveland Browns for their 1st round pick and  3rd round pick along with Greedy Williams. The Eagles and Browns have a ton of familiarity with each other in the front office because of Berry and Roseman. Berry has seen what having Hurts can do for a running game and how he is a great leader and winner. He believes that with the talent of Having a winner like Hurts and his already vaunted running attack with Chubb and Hunt will make them the top team in the AFC. Roseman loves Hurts but I believe they want a bit more in the passing game and so they allow him to go and they get a very good number two corner. Having Cox Garrett Clowney Richardson is a absolute terror. They can easily compete with any team in the NFL and they can play ball control and play in the nasty Ohio weather no problem. 

Trade Andre Dillard to the Dolphins for a 4th round pick. Andre is still a good young talent at a highly regarded position. Everyone knows how atrocious the Dolphins line is and they could use a cheap young talent like Andre. The eagles have worked a few trades already in recent seasons with the Dolphins management. This is no different. 



D.J Charke WR  2 years  21 million  (9.5 guaranteed - )A wasted talent over the years but he and Gardner Minshew know each other well and had formed his best year as a pro. He is a very fast and long receiver who can do everything well. He has had some injuries along the way but has proven he can be a number one receiver or at least a excellent option as a number 2. He now gets to play for a stable organization and will be able to be a leader along with DeVonte in our WR group. He and DeVonte should really complement one another well. This should allow pressure off Jalen Raegor and move him into the slot where he should be able to get some great opportunities in the slot if he can beat out Quez Watkins for slot duties. 

Marcus Maye 4 years  34 million 17.5 guaranteed- a former florida Gator which Howie will love and a good all around player. He has been a top 7 safety every season and knows how to be all around the ball. We haven’t had someone this good since we had Malcolm and we need another star in the backend and I believe with Gannon he can become close to being a All Pro.

Vernon Butler DT 3 years 26 million  16 guaranteed - He was one of my favorite prospects when he was coming out of the draft and he was selected by the Panthers. He is a explosive athlete for a guy who is pushing 340 lbs. He is the perfect NT to allow us to play the multiple type scheme Gannon wants to run. He isn’t just a gap occupation, he can also rush the passer at a good rate. He will be a great addition freeing up our guys like Sweat and Graham to get one on ones. 

Jakeem Grant ( 2 years 8 million 3 guaranteed) This guy is a absolute burner and a great return man. We haven’t had someone like him since DeSean Jackson and our special teams could use a serious upgrade. He also is a very good role player as a receiver. we love to use the screen game and he is a absolute stud when he has blockers in front of him. 

Hassan Reddick 5 years 55 million 37 million guaranteed- Howie Roseman finally surprises everyone and goes all in on one of the most versatile and productive linebackers in all of the NFL. A Temple Alumni will also draw rave reviews for his status. He is a absolute menace as a pass rusher and can run with any back or TE. He is the complete package and make this defense absolutely hard to play against. Gannon absolutely needs a player like this in order to take this defense to the next level and he finally gets his man. 


1st David Ojapo  DE Michigan 6-5 260 4.5 40 - This kid is a physical freak and still a really inexperienced player that is growing and developing at a high rate. He may be the most talented player on the Michigan defense and that is saying a ton considering the guy he plays DE alongside with who could have won the Heisman. If he can learn how to trust his eyes more and gain some counter pass rush moves this kid could be a perennial Pro Bowler for years to come. 

1st  Jordan Davis DT Georgia 6-6 340 lbs 4.98 40 - When we get off the bus teams will take notice to our lines. Guys like Malaita, Dickerson, Butler, Davis , Johnson, Sweat all are  some of the biggest and meanest players in the nfl. This is exactly what wins games , and that’s controlling the line of scrimmage. He too is just a freak athlete that is a absolute terror for opposing offensive lineman. We may not have Fletcher Cox anymore but Hargreaves, Davis, Butler and, Williams will be the best four set of DTs in the NFL. He has a chance to be one of the best Nose tackles in the NFL at a really early age in his career.

1st Matt Corral QB Ole Miss 6-2 217  4.61 - One of the most gritty and physical QBs I have ever watched. He plays this game with so much toughness and heart. He will immediately be a fan favorite among fans. He has a very live arm and delivers the ball with velocity and precision. He can also do almost everything our offense did with the schemes we had with Jalen. He is just as fast, quick, and physical as Hurts but I believe Matt has a ton more fire in his heart and never feels he can be denied. I believe he needs a good bit of time in the weight room in order to take the vigorous test of the NFL so he doesn’t get too banged up so allowing Gardner Minshew run the offense for the year wouldn’t be a bad idea and would help Minshews stock rise and use him as trade bait for next season on his last year of his contract  I definitely think Matt can be a top QB in this league especially if he has all the talent the eagles will have surrounded him by the year 2023. 

Drake London WR USC 6’5 220 4.48 40 - If this kid wasn’t injured he would have been easily a top 12 pick but with his injuries he slides a bit to late teens early 20s. People consider his talent to Mike Evans but I see a better player. I see Brandon Marshall but without being the head case he was. He would play the role of Michael Pittman does for the Colts but he will make Pittman look like trash compared to him. Him and DeVonte Smith will be one of the best tandems the league bas ever seen and finally the Eagles won’t have to worry about wasting picks year after year on WRs.  Think of the depth chart we will have at WR now. 
Smith London Charke Raegor Watkins that’s a really great group top to bottom 

2nd Logan Hall DE 6’6 Houston 4.65 40 Howie is going to completely restock both lines for years to come and make our roster be able to compete and dominate for years to come. Be excited eagles fans being able to have talent like this especially on the cheap because of the rookie scale will make us a potential dynasty because the lost expensive posistions are mostly QB and along the lines and a majority of our lineman and QBs are on rookie deals. This makes us incredibly flexible for years to come. Having these young talents too will complement guys like Graham, Hargreave and Sweat to not be overused because of the rotation we can have now. 

3rd Damieon Pierce RB Florida 5-10 216 4.52 . A good all around back that has excellent leg drive and a will to never go down. He has some good latera agility but is more of a one cut north and south runner who likes to punish those who try and tackle him. He has good hands and can be a work horse if needed but also can be productive on a 8-12 carry basis. If something was to happen to Sanders he would easily be able to handle the load or share along with Howard and Gainwell. 

4tg Brad Hawkins S Michigan 6’ 219 lb 4.55 - more of a SS that loves to play inside the box and does do a very good job of playing zone and covering the flats. Isn’t afraid to take on blocks and can also blitz effectively. Needs work on covering man to man on slots but him as of right now would be more of a 3rd safety role where he can play nickel LB and Dime LB package type similar to a Mark Barron. Marcus Maye and Marcus Epps excel as deep cover safety’s so having a safety that can complement those guys is a luxury to have.He is also a special teams deamon. 

4th Will Mallory TE Miami 6’5 247 4.6 40 - Not the most productive but that’s because he hasn’t been targeted but if you watch this kid his talent is extremely good. Our TE group is decent but if Goedert was to get hurt for a long period of time I don’t trust Jackson to be a full time starter and Stoll is good but he isn’t a deep threat down the seem. Will is able to do it all and be a mismatch down the field. He can be groomed behind Goedert and maybe take over if he was to leave in FA after his deal ends. 

5th Esezi Otomewo 6’5 302 4.93 Minnesota- a quick twitch long athlete that has great quickness and can use his length to keep guards and tackles away from his body. He can play multiple positions across the line and is able to shed lineman with his long arms by rip and swim moves.. if you want him to two gap or take some time for him to get adjust to slow down and occult blocks instead of straight penetrating. 
5th Issac Moore OT 6’6 306 4.98 Temple - a native for Pennsylvania and has the ability to play both tackle spots and guard. Andre Dillard got traded and Brett Toth is only a average backup. We need someone who can provide position versatility and competition m. He has the potential to be more than just a backup Inca couple years especially with Jeff Stoutland as his coach but he does have some technology flaws in his game but his potential is undeniable and that’s why he is a excellent pick here because if anyone can develop raw players into starting caliber players it’s Stoutland and I’m incredibly excited to see how he develops. He also could use about 12-20lbs on to his frame to be able to withstand Bull rushes and also be able to get better movement on run plays. 

5th Obinna EZe 6’7 334 5.1 TCU  OT - Another tackle guard prospect from where we have gotten good late round prospects in the later rounds like Big V and Matt Pryor who both were tall Giants and came from the Horn frogs and he to as well will be a very good prospect for Stoutland. He is a big road grader with natural talent for both LT and RT. He may not be a starter at LT but he can play the swing role if needed as a backup. He should be a very good backup RT right off the bat being able to be a great run blocker like our team is built for. 

6th Bubba Bolden S Miami 6’ 204 4.53 a very talented safety that has had a underachieving year. However the year before he showed excellent playmaking abilities and good instincts. This season the ball didn’t find his way and it was due to lack of a pass rush like they had last season. He’s missed a few tackles but nothing that can’t be fixed with good coaching and a better mindset. Gannon could worm wonders with him and possibly make him a late round steal. 

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So depth Chart would look like this 

QB Minshew Corral Sinnet 

RB Sanders Pierce Howard Gainwell Huntley 

TE Goedert Mallory Stoll Jackson 

WR1 Smith Watkins  Cain 

WR2 London Raegor Whiteside

Slot Charke Grant Johnson 

LT Mailata Moore Toth

LG Dickerson Opeta Anderson 

C Kelce Samuelo Anderson Jurig 

RG Samuelo Driscoll Herbig 

RT Johnson Clarke Eze

LE Ojapo Graham Jackson 

LDT Hargreave Williams .Wilson 

RDT/NT Davis Butler Ridgeway

RE  Sweat, Hall, Otomewo 

WLB Taylor Stevens 

MLB Edwards Bradley 

SAM Reddick Johnson 

LCB Slay McPherson 

RCB Williams Nelson 

NB Maddox McCain  Wilson 

FS Maye Epps Bolden

SS Hawkins Wallace  


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firstly, love the detail you put into this. I feel like way to often now people just put the names down with no explanation and expect us to see things the way they see them, which never happens. So love that you explained your thought process along the way

for the most part i like the ideas you laid out, this mock includes a TON of change, which puts it on the more unrealistic side of the scale for me but its still fun to go thru and imagine the outcome.

your FA is probably exactly what i didnt even know i wanted, addressing LB, S and WR (with a more cost friendly option) is probably my ideal scenario

and generally i like the draft prospects, Ojabo kinda scares me with his inexperience, people just assume he'll get better because of it but it reminds me of ziggy ansah who had a couple good yrs, a couple very good yrs and s bad one mixed in, then disappeared after his rookie contract ended... Just feel too raw isnt always good. in addition to that Davis with his size and general lack of a pass rush/more run stuff style gives me major Louis Nix vibes and honestly wouldnt entirely shock me if he falls similarly in the draft tho not something id bank on, but i still dont view him as a guy that has enough pass rush for a 1st rn. Love your pick of London, i question his speed but still would be a nice complement to Smith and love that you didnt forget about TE, too many people just think going into next yr with Jackson and Stoll as the backups will be ok lol

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Great read and a lot of original thought. Thanks for the explanations too, they show ow much thought you put into it. 

Here are my first thoughts -

  • I'm ok with Corral behind center instead of Hurts but don't think they'll do that. 
  • Downundermike is right - we don't have the cap space for those free agents - infat if we take the cap hit for trading Cox we'll have almost nothing. 
  • I'd cherrypick the Saints who are $70M over the cap - sign LB ALexander and S Williams from they're terrific defense

All in all, a great read - thanks. 

1 hour ago, downundermike said:

Eagles do not have the cap room for those FA signings


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Switch in Pickett for Corral and I like it. Pickett reminds me of Herbert but with a quicker release. And as a side bonus, grew up an Eagles fan.

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