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Updating Eagles’ playoff chances, draft picks after Monday Night Football


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Updating Eagles’ playoff chances, draft picks after Monday Night Football


The Eagles were probably watching Monday Night Football pretty closely this week. The Dolphins’ 20-3 win over the Saints changed a few things for the Birds.

First up, it improved their overall chances to get to the playoffs.

Second, it changed what draft picks they’re expected to have in the spring.

Let’s start with the more pressing matter: The playoffs. The Eagles went into Monday’s action with a 60% chance to make the playoffs. That’s up to 68% on Tuesday morning, according to FiveThirtyEight.

As a reminder of what happened in Week 16, the Eagles came into the weekend with a 41% chance to make the playoffs and now it’s all the way up to 68%.

Here’s an updated look at the NFC playoff picture:

1. *#Packers (12-3, 1st NFC North)

2. *#Cowboys (11-4, 1st NFC East)

3. #Rams (11-4, 1st NFC West)

4. *#Buccaneers (11-4, 1st NFC South)

5. #Cardinals (10-5, 2nd NFC West)

6. 49ers (8-7, 3rd NFC West)

7. Eagles (8-7, 2nd NFC East)


8. Vikings (7-8, 2nd NFC North)

9. Falcons (7-8, 2nd NFC South)

10. Saints (7-8, 3rd NFC South)

11. Washington (6-9, 3rd NFC East)

* - Clinched division; # - clinched playoffs

The Eagles now control their own destiny, meaning if they win their final two games, they’ll be in the playoffs. But it might not even take that. The Eagles have a chance to get into the playoffs in Week 17 if a few things go their way.

Here’s what would need to happen for the Eagles to clinch a playoff spot next week: Eagles beat Washington + Packers beat Vikings + 49ers beat Texans or Panthers beat Saints.

The Eagles obviously have to be focused on beating Washington on Sunday, but it’s very possible things fall their way to get into the playoffs this weekend.

Here’s an incredibly detailed breakdown from Deniz Selman:


OK, how about the draft picks? Because earlier this season, it was starting to look like the Eagles were going to have three top 10 picks, but then they started winning and the Colts started winning and the Dolphins really started winning.

If the season ended today (it doesn’t) the Eagles would have picks Nos. 19, 20 and 23. But all three teams are in the playoff hunt so those picks have the potential to keep falling. The Eagles have won 6 of 8, the Colts have won 9 of 12 and the Dolphins have won 7 in a row.

Here’s a look at the complete order from Tankathon:



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