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Hurts soaking up knowledge from 2 worthwhile sources


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Hurts soaking up knowledge from 2 worthwhile sources


Jalen Hurts has a busy schedule.

Being the starting quarterback of an NFL teams comes with many responsibilities and time requirements. But he always has time to meet with Jeff Stoutland.

It might seem a bit unusual, but eager to soak up any information he can, the Eagles’ second-year quarterback meets with the Eagles’ offensive line coach and run game coordinator every Monday.

"I’ve been meeting with him since I got here,” Hurts said. "We’ve always met. And for me to just continue to learn and soak up all the knowledge that he can give me.

"I know he has one of the best centers to play the game in his room. And I know (Jason) Kelce is so knowledgeable with everything that’s going on. He’s experienced so much and I know a lot of that comes from his experiences and the coach he’s had.

"I value that relationship with Coach Stout very high and I really value the time I spend with him.”

When asked if he and Stout go over the previous day’s game or the upcoming game, Hurts said they "go over everything.”

Hurts and Stoutland share a common bond thanks to Alabama, where Hurts played and Stout coached. But Hurts’ bond with Kelce is much more apparent.

"He’s such a real guy,” Hurts said of Kelce. "He’s a provider, he’s a leader and he’s a great leader, a great guy. I value him a lot.”

Hurts is over 10 years younger than Kelce but the two have gotten close as many centers and quarterbacks do. And since Kelce is revered in the Eagles’ locker room and across the NFL, Hurts is happy to learn anything he can from the Eagles’ cerebral leader.

While Hurts obviously spends most of his time around his fellow quarterbacks and other coaches, there’s something to be said about picking up information from other sources. And a future Hall of Famer like Kelce and an all-time great position coach like Stoutland have a ton of knowledge to give.

This past offseason, Hurts said he and Kelce spent time together in Philadelphia working out and growing their bond. That has continued throughout this season with Hurts in the starter’s role.

"I think he’s been a teacher for me in so many different ways, seeing how he plays the game, seeing what he sees,” Hurts said. "Me making those same calls he makes and me being like, ‘You good with this?’ Kind of communicating, making sure we’re all on the same page.

"Kind of like I said before with Coach Stout and the player Jason Kelce is, I value that and I’m always trying to soak up as much as I can from him. One thing I told him during the game is, I told him I have a lot of love for him and I told him I really appreciate how willing he is to help the people around him and lead the O-line room the way he does. It all is appreciated.”


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I love this. This is why Hurts is an easy guy to root for even if he's not the most talented. He's a hard worker and he's keen to learn from anyone he can. Why not get different perspectives on things!

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