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Brian Dawkins and Troy Vincent were mentors to K'Von Wallace prior to his selection by the Eagles


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Brian Dawkins and Troy Vincent were mentors to K'Von Wallace prior to his selection by the Eagles

May 2, 2020 6:11 pm ET

The Philadelphia Eagles may have landed the steal of the draft in former Clemson safety K’Von Wallace when they snagged him in the fourth round.

A stud safety at Clemson, Wallace’s play already reminds many of former Eagles great and Hall of Famer, Brian Dawkins. The Eagles won’t have to worry about finding Wallace a mentor because he already has two in Dawkins and former Eagles cornerback and current executive vice president of football operations, Troy Vincent.

Because of Wallace’s relationship with Dawkins son and an internship with Vincent and the NFL, the Eagles rookie sensation had mentors in two former Eagles prior to Philadelphia selecting him per NBC Sports Philadelphia.

“(Vincent) and Brian are the same people,” Wallace said. "It was rarely football when it came to both of those guys.”

Wallace and Dawkins Jr. both arrived at Clemson in the fall of 2016 and ended up as roommates and friends, allowing the relationship between the Eagles legend and the Tigers safety to grow.

"They’re like family,” Wallace said of the Dawkins’. "My mom knows his mom very well.”

Wallace and Vincent’s relationship developed from postgraduate endeavors after the Clemson safety did an internship with the NFL this past year.

"I sat in Troy’s office and talked to him for hours,” Wallace said. "But we never really talked much football. We just talked about life. Just how to become a better man, a better person. He’s a family-oriented guy. He loves his family, loves his wife, loves his kids. Just talking to him and chatting with him about just life and what the Bible says about how to become a better man and help your community.”

The relationships should prepare Wallace for what he’s about to embark on next with the Eagles as he brings his physical style and winning nature to Philadelphia.


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Probably not going to find better mentors. Listen well K’von. 

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Should I pre order HOF enshrinement tickets now :)

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